Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Blogging To Catch Up

Monday greeted us with a foggy morning which made for some beautiful pictures of sunrise. I took the pics from an upstairs window. Right now we have winter mountain views of the east because the leaves of the trees are no where to be found, cause they are on the ground. In the coming months the trees will refill and then replace the morning view of sunrise.

We met with a contractor this morning and we really like him. We told him what our vision for the front porch is and his bid and our ability to afford the redo will determine what does and does not get done. We have a three year plan on things around here we want to improve and change but screening in the front porch will be a lovely addition to evenings of sitting on the porch or for that matter mornings on the porch. After meeting with him, we were on our way to the wellness workout center nearby. I'm officially a member and have my first session on Friday with a personal trainer. This is to evaluate and instruct but if I like him, I think I will sign up for a few sessions with him. His specialty is functional fitness and that is exactly what I need to continue improving with these knees. It is a nice facility and not a big box fitness center. They have a workout/lap pool and it was part of the tour, but being in a room that humid, with a 93 degree temp of the water and 90 temp for the room, I said no thank you. I just left that kind of temperature in Texas.

Next order of business, lunch. So Roy chose The Moose Cafe and we had a delicious lunch. He went for the turkey and dressing while I chose the veggie plate...and no dessert. We made an Ingle's stop on the way back home. Roy loves drinking the Dr Enouf's that have vitamin B in them. He has worked very hard the past few days.

We had a social afternoon with a quick visit to see Judy W and bring her some Texas goodness and then we went to see Bill and Vivian. We have some Texas goodness for them too. Such a fun visit on the porch and Vivian had made Roy some apple fried pies. He was a very happy camper. We needed to get back home so Roy could do some computer stuff and get his staff notes out. Roy did a little more work outside after that and he decided a Sonic hamburger sounded good to him. So, we made the little jaunt to Weaverville and picked up our dinner and brought it home. He continues to do his office work and I have been unpacking a couple of containers that are taking up space in the dining room.
Kind of quiet around here. Drove to and back from Charlotte today. Stopped in at the Cracker Barrel for a late lunch and then a quick stop at Fresh Market. There is tons of work to be done around here but I'd rather sit a bit and blog.

We got the rest of the trimming done and it looks like Roy will be choosing a chain saw for his birthday present this year. Roy also cleaned the water filter for the well and the house and found a small leak. After making a bunch of calls we were given the name of a local plumber and he will be here tomorrow.

The sunset was so beautiful this evening. I must confess I wasn't up early enough to see the sunrise this morning. It was good to sleep in.

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