Thursday, February 23, 2017

Slowly But Surely, No Just Slowly

Slowly but it's just slowly I am getting clothes and books unpacked. While unpacking and putting up clothes I am also trying to go through things and get them set aside for either Salvation Army or for our church's yard sale. The smaller duffle bags have been unpacked but the two larger suitcases are being unpacked at a very slow crawl. Last year when I came back after the whole hip thing, no I didn't try to be a hipster doofus, I packed so that I could put one suitcase up that was filled with winter items. When sneak packing because of Buddy, one isn't that clever. You are just trying to get things put up without upsetting the cat.

The plumber came today and fixed the leaky thing in the crawl space. Leaky thing had to do with the well water coming into the house. I just pointed him to around the corner because I don't go over to that part of the yard anymore. Fell there and Mike the Mower Man saw one or two snakes hanging out over there last summer. Roy says the crawl space has spiders too. I can see now why I didn't want a house with a crawl space but at least it is a small one....not like a large one would make a world of difference to me. Brenda came over after running some errands to keep me company while waiting for the plumber. Didn't have to wait long because he was early. I really liked him and he did a good job...well, water is running in the house, so without seeing what he did, I say good job.

The birds are returning to the feeder. Right now we mainly have wrens, chickadees, tit mouse, sparrows of various kinds and a few cardinals. Every once in a while there is a blue jay or a mockingbird, but they do not play nicely with others and would probably run with scissors if given a chance. A few doves come by and one big old fat squirrel which I try to chase off when I see him.

The plumb trees are flowering and I see a few yellow blooms on the forsythia. If we have another hard freeze it will wreck havoc with these plants that are blooming in February. The apple orchards are keeping an eye on things because with the weather being the way it has been, their whole apple orchards could be wiped out this year. Last time this happened was in 2012.We have seasonal temps today but it will be back in the 70's for tomorrow and Friday.
It be very foggy this morning. I love watching the fog dissipate revealing what it has hidden, even though I know what it has hidden....great scenery and cows. Yesterday, a group of 7-9 calfs were grazing together...without adult cow supervision. It was kind of fun and interesting to watch the dynamics yet I reminded myself not to get emotionally invested into these little ones lives. These looked to be teenage cows.

I'm drinking coffee from a mug that Dena gave me for Christmas, actually she gave us two mugs but of course, I can only drink coffee out of one mug at a time. It is the colors, star and an oil derrick design. Very cute and very Texas. It is filled with Biltmore coffee so it is the best of both worlds.

A friend in Houston is teaching a class on journaling at church. She asked the question on FB yesterday if you journaled and what do you get out of it. I responded that I began keeping a diary in the fourth grade, then it turned into a journal when the language changed. I was honest in telling that some things have changed since the fourth grade about me and then some things that made me mad in the fourth grade, still upset me. I added that these journals remind me of the little things that have happened and all those little things turned into one big change. I can remember the change but sometimes forget the journey and my journals are a road map of God's presence and hand upon my life.  I loved reading the other responses to her questions and in those responses I realized I still don't give the Sunday School answer that most are looking for. Used to bother me that I didn't but now I embrace the fact I am not cut from the same cloth, I don't want to be a cookie cutter person and it is just fine and dandy not to be able to be put into a box....or mindset. There is a price to pay for this of course but now I am willing to pay the price. Before, not so much....just wanted to be accepted for who I am and that my friends is an unrealistic expectation. Funny thing about my childhood observations and prayers, my father found one of my diaries and I wrote honestly and truthfully about the situation in our home. He waited for me and then confronted me about what I had written....yep, paid a hard price for expressing, privately I might add, thoughts. From then on I wrote in code which really was just writing opposite of what was really going on and trusting that someday when I read this in the future, I would remember that it was in code. Didn't have a problem remembering. Most of those early journals have been destroyed. I did that when we moved to Katy because there wasn't any reason to hang onto all of that. I did tear out pages though of the funny things from that time.

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