Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Trip Perfectly Bookended

The morning has turned from dark and foreboding to gray and rainy. A loud thunder awoke Buddy and me this morning. Buddy has retreated to a nap spot and I keep watch with the extended weather coverage on TV. Well, as much as Dish doesn't lose the satellite feed. We go from warm temps to cooler temps today. I am going to stay hunkered down here and then get out and about a little later.

Yesterday was the bookend to this trip back to Texas. Way back in November when this journey started I was writing about leaving the mountains in fall and going to joint camp and then it was about surgery and recovery/rehab. Then life drifted into PT and spending time with Roy and expanded with going out to eat with friends or into a more social mode. As the time winds down and my attention is more focused to the northeast as I pack and we gather everything to make the return trip home. Today and tomorrow are certainly focused on this endeavor but yesterday was a good ending to this time here. My long time friend Beth, whose influence from our high school days still affects me today and my fun friend Mimi, who was/is such a fun-filled friend from high school days came over to the house. It is like time hasn't passed since our last visit....probably around three or four years ago. Beth has always had a free spirit about her and she has resumed that passion in traveling and sailing all about and around the world. How exciting as she follows her joy to hear her stories of fun and adventure. Mimi travels to far and exotic places as well and her stories of course, always make us smile and laugh. Such fun to catch up with these friends. We met Karolyn, another friend from high school and church, at Goode Company Seafood to continue stories and laughter among longtime friends. It is always good to revisit fun times, talk about the present and what the future may hold. So last night to a casual observer of four "older" women, who on the inside still feel eighteen, wouldn't know that long time friends were observing the time honored custom of friendship that is rooted in a long ago time. Beth returns to the Seattle area today. This morning I realize just how special yesterday was and I am so thankful for the time spent with these friends.

I think the worst has passed us and the skies are clearing just a bit. Haven't heard any thunder for a while. Some areas south of us had damage from tornadic winds. So, I better get started with the job ahead. Is it weird to sneak pack so that your cat doesn't get too upset?

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