Friday, February 10, 2017

Released and Ready to Roll

This time next week....Gave the keys to our housesitter last night. Going through the list of things to get done. Wrapping up a very happy and wonderful time here. Seeing friends and saying our "see ya's." I did not get nearly through the projects I planned working on while recuperating but I have seen people I love and I have eaten at just about every favorite restaurant I love here. Sometimes even getting a second visit both with friends and food. Last night was my last visit this trip to choir rehearsal. If John Bolin ever decides that music isn't his thing anymore, the boy can preach. Each rehearsal I come away experiencing and knowing God better, expressed in music and with John's encouragement to always grow closer to the Lord, to trust Him and to always keep singing. This morning I will attend my last CBS class for this visit. The brief time I have spent with the core group I was placed in has been special as we have been working through Isaiah. The time I have been able to attend CBS has blessed me beyond measure and I forgot how much, dare I say it, I love the homework. Today is also my last haircut this trip with Stevie. I'm going to the land of sugar just like old times before she was in Katy on Fridays at their second location. Sugarland has a couple of stores I like to go maybe I might make a quick trip to several of those.

We are experiencing spring in February. I mean when the temps are getting close to 90 degrees, it is time to head to the mountains. I am so glad I brought some appropriate clothes for the warm temps. Before meeting Lisa P for a late lunch at The Nord yesterday, I went to the Galleria a little early to stop in at Macy's. I had a good shopping trip there finding three pairs of pants...on sale...and also getting my foundation at the Channel counter with a lot of samples. They are pretty tight on giving out samples but when the sales clerk learned I lived in the mountains, she was so generous. She being from a mountainous area in Europe. Lisa and I had a very fun and yum lunch at The Nord. Oh crab bisque, I have missed you. The french fries are the best ever and the chocolate cake, divine. I am not a chocolate cake fan usually but this cake and the Coca-Cola cake at Cracker Barrel are pretty darn good. Lisa had some returns to make and I wanted to make one last trip to The Whole Earth Provision Company to see if they had received a Flax shipment. Hallelujah! They had spring Flax and I broke my guideline of not buying Flax unless it is on sale. Happy with my finds, I went to church and choir practice.
Happy Friday! This morning was my last visit, at least for awhile, to Methodist Hospital in Katy. I had my appointment with my Dr to be officially released to move about the country. He is so pleased with the progress and the x-rays confirmed that things are fine on the inside of my knees. We had a fun conversation after all the official conversation and I was dubbed a fun patient. Now, that makes me very happy.

I met CourtneyS for lunch at Goode Company BBQ. Ah, deliciousness and we were the only women in that place for the longest time. As always we had a great time and in having such a great time, I forgot to give her the grits I had for her. So I met her back at HFBC and then I was on my way home. Roy had a couple of appointments this afternoon and he just got home but he is back out again picking up pizza for dinner.

Getting in any last restaurant meals in this weekend and get some more packing done or more rearranging of packing I have already done.

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