Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Look Out, Here I Come

Did anyone get the license number of the truck that ran over me? This morning I am kind of dragging a bit. I worked really hard yesterday loading the truck, the back of it anyway. I think the miracle of the loaves and fishes is being played out because things going back with us have multiplied. The fragments might have to come up a little at a time if it all doesn't fit. New things going home include floor lamps, Norwex products, tennis shoes (it is so difficult to find my size so when I do, I buy all that fit) and various pieces of new clothing. I hit the jackpot with Flax! I don't think I did that efficient of a job job packing suitcases . Part of the truck that ran me over me in the middle of the night is named Buddy. She is not a happy camper seeing suitcases and the multiple trips out to the garage. I had a little tension headache all day and it lasted until early this morning.

Another part of the truck that ran over me is an ear worm song, I Just Can't Stop My Hallelujahs. We have been singing it in choir rehearsals and the choir led us in worship with that song on Sunday. It is written by members of the worship team at First Baptist and will be on the new choir CD and released by Lifeway. One line in particular has my attention right now, " You are my God, You've rescued my heart. And I can hardly breathe when I see how great You are." God rescued my heart in so many ways and the healing He has done...well, it has made  a significant difference not only physically but spiritually and emotionally...guess mentally would be in there too. This is more than living in the parameters set by the cardiologist and his team, it is living a more peace filled life. It is a more wonder and playful view. When God rescued my heart on January 29, 1971, I never contemplated all that has happened, for His good thus my good. I would not have chosen viral cardiomyopathy to get my attention. He rescued my heart and I haven't followed the family tradition of intense bitterness and comparison thus inflicting others with that poison of the spirit. He rescued my heart of arguing just for the fun of it and because I was so good at it. There are so many things I could list that I have been rescued from and there are days and times when I battle harder against those things knowing He is victorious and I can live life abundantly. I Just Can't Stop My Hallelujahs!

We celebrated Valentine's Day with a big splash of doing life. Roy was late from the office. I was tired from packing and loading the truck. We ordered pizza for dinner and had heart shaped cookies for dessert. You know, I wouldn't have it any other way. There was a day when we felt the pressure of unrealistic expectations of the Day. I stopped by the Kroger yesterday and it was a buzz with late thought Valentine Day purchasers...mainly men. Most of the women in the store were doing regular shopping. There must have been three men in each line holding flowers and maybe some semblance of remembrance with chocolates or the like....It was a Valentine miracle at our home because I actually got Roy his card in time and I knew where I had placed it so I could give it to him on the day. There are years where I haven't found his card until oh around Easter.

Just did the weather and road check and it looks good for taking the scenic route from Chattanooga to home, with a stop at Merceir's on the way. Hope they have plenty of the cornbread mix that we like.

This has been a good three and a half months, yes even those early days after surgery and the first days at the rehab hospital. I've learned a lot about walking differently, doing exercises well for a desired end result, and saw what a fear gripped life looks like up close. I don't ever want to descend into that madness. I have spent time with friends and have loved that. Eating at all my favorite restaurants wasn't half bad either. Getting to hear good Life Bible Study teachers and experience worship in the music has been wonderful. There were days when I thought, I could return here full time but that's not true. Some days when it was 80 degrees and above were tough with the added humidity, ugh. Life would settle back into the mundane, which I don't mind, but it would return to the reasons why it is best for me, for us to be in NC. The pace and stress is difficult here. The things that are so important here are not at all important for me at home, which includes wearing flannel, boots and jeans all the time....if I wanted to.

I'm wearing new scars proudly and standing straightly and walking confidently. Look out NC, here I come!

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