Saturday, February 25, 2017

Easy Like Saturday Morning

I have returned home from my assessment at the wellness center I joined on Monday and I feel so good. Susan matched me with the perfect trainer and I think much will come out of the sessions I have signed up for. Each trainer is different in this process and I like that. Rehab PT was mainly getting me back on my feet and ready to get into the game. Outpatient PT highlighted problems and time spent with solutions but there were so many things to address it was kind of a smorgasbord approach. Today Taylor tested muscle strength and pinpointed several problems that I had been made aware of but had no clue in how to resolve the muscle weakness. In fact he did many of the assessments that I saw others at theraphy getting but we never did any of that kind of work. The end of the session he used this PT machine that opens up your muscles and rids them of the tension. He worked on my shoulders and shoulder blades. Wow! Unbelievable! I was able to stretch more than before and sitting here right now I can still feel the effects of what I like to call the jackhammer. For the immediate future I will workout with him twice a week and I feel like he can get my functional fitness back on track. There is always homework and I am anxious and ready to get started.

Today I once again am reminded of the person aspect of life in a rural area. I don't think I mentioned this before but a week before we left to come back home I received an email from our propane provider that we hadn't paid our tank rental for this coming year. We hadn't received a bill so I emailed back asking how they would like for me to take care of the bill. Angela responded that it was ok and if we wanted to take care of the bill when we returned, that was fine with them. I called her and gave her a credit card number and then she asked if she would like for her to schedule a propane delivery because it looked like our tank was getting low. Yes, thank you. Then we had a wonderful conversation about life and her interest in seeing San Antonio. Today, I went to our little post office to mail a couple of packages. We got to talking about things and one of the clerks asked if we were back and I answered yes. She said we knew it would be soon so instead of sending magazines back we just put them in your box. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated that and the time their thoughtfulness saved me, contacting magazines and telling them it was ok to resume delivery. I love the personal touch. I have seen Marissa at Turkey Creek, the lady at Ingle's that works cutting up fruit and veggies and I have talked to Laura, who works at The Blue Rooster. Even the guys from Main Street Mercantile remembered me when I stopped in briefly at their store.
A rainy Saturday morning. This is my first morning to ease into the day and I am so thankful I don't have any have to's this morning. I'm on my second cup of Butterscotch coffee from Smokey Mountain Roasters and contemplating what's for breakfast. I told Roy last night I wouldn't be staying up late and that my friends was a true statement...I went to bed a little after 8:00 pm. I think that jackhammer thing on my neck worked wonders and all the tension from long hours of driving last week and then trying to get the necessary accomplished added to my already tense shoulders helped sleep come early. I found out yesterday that the tension comes from the traps overworking and compensating for muscles in the mid range of the back that have become lazy cause they are letting the traps do all the work. Now that makes sense to me.

I heard a wonderful story last night from a friend and it is a reminder that little things matter. My friend's sister has several cute possums she has found at craft shows and stores. Not real ones...anyway, I gave her sister a book I had picked up at a store in Bat Cave called, A Possum Come's A Knockin' to go with her possums. That book brought such joy to her daughter in law when she saw it and reminded her of her childhood when her mom read her that book. Such a good reminder that those little things matter when we haven't a clue. I love how God uses those kinds of things to bless.

Oh and a note about my blog post yesterday. It is a coincidence that my devo reading and then my thoughts might have been taken wrong about the barriers of tables etc...  I didn't even think about my former church's series for women called The Table and that it might look like I was putting it down. Nope, not at all. My thoughts concerned the barriers and walls we construct and Margaret Feinberg's thoughts on community.

From my vantage here in the living room, the view out the back windows is blue sky and white clouds. The view from the front window is gray, foreboding skies. By the looks of the radar the rain is over for the day. We will have much cooler temps tonight, maybe below freezing. The crazy weather jags are true and not unlike the ones in Houston...only it is hotter there.

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