Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Countdown Continues

The last day of January. Where did this month go? It went by so quickly but I think time flies when you are having fun and I had lots of fun in January. The next few weeks will have fun but I think this is when time will drag as I prepare to return home. I have started doing some packing trying to get ahead of the game. I spent time rearranging things that I bought or was given while here so that everything can make its way back with us.

Saturday afternoon Peggy and I drove out to the foreign land to see Dena. Peggy wanted to see her new home and what a great reason to traverse out that way, dinner. We went to Longhorn Steakhouse and we took the scenic route and nearly took it a second time. Then we came back and Peggy and I decorated Dena's mantle for her. I am certain she appreciated that so much.

Sunday morning, the choir and orchestra served us with the song At The Table. Oh my, it has fast become one of my favorites. They also ended the service with We Will Remember. Then our LBS class had a special treat, Lisa P's husband Malcolm taught our class. He is a brave man to teach and interact with about seventy women and most of us with much to say. I think it used to be for just one month a year, but this year it is six weeks where most classes are participating in the Foundations of Faith lessons. This year the lessons are based upon the pastor's book Unstoppable Gospel. OK, I am laughing when I write this but as the church lady on SNL used to say, "how convenient!"  Malcolm took customized his lesson for the two classes he taught on Sunday. On the handout, three mission statements from Chicky, Nordstrom and Starbucks. We agreed they are living out their mission statements but Malcolm challenged us with the fact that God's mission statement is still relevant and has been around for thousands of years, whereas Starbucks probably won't be relevant in a hundred years. The lesson was very good and to top off a very good lesson, Malcolm, Lisa, Dena and I went to lunch at The Grand Lux. The reason we went, Lisa, Dena and I were celebrating our ten year anniversary of having beignets in New Orleans. Lisa led worship for First Baptist New Orleans Women's Conference and the speaker was Liz Curtis Higgs. Dena and I took Lisa to the airport but before doing that we stopped at Cafe Dumond and as they say, the rest is history. Lisa flew back to Houston but Dena and I were on our way to the city where Steel Magnolias was filmed. I don't know how to spell it and spell check can't determine what I am trying to write. Oh my goodness, did we have a very fun lunch. Great laughs and stories and even better conversation. Everyone had something to share and say.
The first day of February and what a lovely spring day it is. I didn't finish yesterday's post because well there are things to do and people to see. Today, there are workmen coming around. One to do maintenance on the recumbent bike and a plumber. Yesterday I could not get the water faucet handle to turn all the way off. Roy and I tried to work some magic on it last night but alas, a professional will be here today to stop money going down the drain.

PT was very fun yet challenging yesterday. I got to do some work on the anti gravity treadmill. It was quite fun. The worst part was putting on the neoprene shorts. I was lifted off the treadmill or it sure felt like it. The machines that kicked my butt last week didn't hold that kind of power over me yesterday. We increased the weights on just about everything. Then to end the session we did an exercise that determines if I am floor and kneeling worthy. I passed the test and left the session feeling really good about my progress. Kelly also showed me how to break up the scar tissue in my knees so that I can continue with bending those knees.

I had the delightful pleasure of having lunch with Linita yesterday and the icing on the cake was seeing Eileen and Gena at Lupe's. Gena was my core group leader twice and she was an awesome one. She and her hubby have just about completed a move to the country so it was a special treat to see her. And of course Eileen is always a joy to see and visit with. Linita and I had a great lunch and catch up time.

The rest of the afternoon held errand running and while I was in the grocery store, it was robbed. I didn't have a clue and read about it later in the evening. Wow!

I will try and finish up CBS homework and I have struggled with it this week. I'll keep plugging away at it.

So it is February 1st. I thought around November 1st that February might never come. But my time here has gone by so quickly. I didn't get near everything done that I brought with me to do. The days have held lots of social time and they have held a lot of alone time and I need both equally...well maybe more alone time now than social. One of the most encouraging words I have heard this visit came from Geni H. She said it is like you are now being the person you were always meant to be after overcoming a difficult childhood and past. I agree, the work God has done on my heart since 2008 and the effect of NC living have done their work. A slower pace of life agrees with me. All the beauty that surrounds us can be seen from our porches and also in rather quick drives around the area. I've made that turn in my heart and winding down things here.

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