Monday, January 30, 2017


It's a beautiful morning here in Rancho de Five. Sunny and the temps are beginning the predicted warm up this week. Buddy has selected her napping spot for the first nap of the morning.

This weekend held some very fun times but while it is still fresh on my mind I want to write about Wednesday first. I met Emily for lunch and then went over to the rehab hospital where I spent two weeks after surgery.  My rehab Dr and I wear the same size of shoe and I had told her I would bring her some boots that I hardly ever wore because of the heel being too high for me. While waiting for Dr V I was able to see Jasmine, PT, and several nurses and assistants that had cared for me during my recovery. I was so happy to thank them for their kind care to me. Several of them didn't recognize me at first because I hardly ever put on makeup or did much to my hair while I was rehabbing. Hey, I had my priorities straight. Dr V got out of her meeting and we visited for a bit. It was so nice not having to talk about pain levels and going to the bathroom. Each and every person I talked with commented on how well I looked and my straight knees. In the elevator a nurse who had cared for me asked me again about bilateral knee surgery and what were my recommendations for rehabbing because she is having the same surgery the end of February and rehabbing at her job hospital.

Wednesday night, I went to choir practice. Before going upstairs I looked for CourtneyS in the lobby as she was working the Midlink Preview night. I had an Astro's t-shirt for her. After we had visited a bit, I turned to the area where the Women's Ministry tables were set up. I visited with Carolyn and her assistant. Greeted a few others and then wandered over to another table to talk with a friend there. She is teaching a spiritual journaling class and I wanted to tell her about Adam Feldman's book on journaling. Then I went upstairs to choir and had a wonderful time of seeing friends, worshiping God and remembering. I left quickly after rehearsal to get home before Roy went to sleep mainly because I needed his help to get my boots off and I wanted to tell him about my visit to the rehab hospital.

He was fixing to go to bed, so I just caught him. He knows I am a thought processor and knew when I talked about my Wednesday that he would really hear my thoughts on Thursday. But I did tell him this; the rehab hospital had a whole different feel for me and of course you want that. You don't want to pine for that in the process of healing. It is much better to be on this side of the work. I had heard while being there as a patient that some former patients came back many times, not to work out but to see the staff and remember their stay. I told Roy I don't think I will ever go back there unless I would be a patient because that short season is gone. I appreciated that time and know it was the best decision for those two weeks. I am also glad I opted for rehab at Methodist, where I had the surgery. New place, new perspective and a new set of eyes for rehab.

By Thursday evening I had thought it all through and I realized that both of these Wednesday experiences just reinforced what I have known for some time, this season of life is closed but it has opened to an exciting season of life in the mountains. The realization that the timing back in 2015 of the Alumni By Choice luncheon at Baylor the end of February was the bookend for this very long season of life because a month later the moving van was here and the great adventure began. This isn't a new revelation to me or to long time readers of the Monablog but I love it when we get to see examples that help reinforce the dream and challenges ahead. What is important will remain, close friends and of course good restaurants. I didn't mention Roy because that is a given. But everything else and everyone else will fade into memories, both good and some bad memories. The things here that seem to have more emphasis are not such a big thing in NC where we live. The density and pace here are beginning to rattle me and I so look forward to those country roads whose traffic jams include tractors or horse drawn wagons. My pet peeve of being overly marketed to by the church is a bit irritated here but thankfully there are things that calm the irritation and I won't be here much longer attending.

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