Monday, January 9, 2017

It Is Monday Already

Brrr...It is overcast and cold this morning. There is talk of sleet in the area. I am also keeping an eye on NC weather. On Monday here on the prairie, it will start warming up and we will soon be in spring like temps.

Yesterday was an ensconced kind of day. I stayed around here and totally enjoyed the time. I was texting with a friend and told her I think the units of blood I got in the hospital were from a petite woman who was always cold and is an introvert. Being cold instead of hot is the biggest change and I already know I am an extroverted introvert.

We, well mostly me, watched the Lyle and Eric Menendez, twenty six years later program last night. ABC presented factors that led up to the night Lyle and Eric decided to take matters into their own hands. We came away with it all factored in, their lifestyle, wealth, dysfunctional family, their greed and so on.
It's even brrrer....this morning. It was 22 when I woke up with a windchill factor of 9. That is rather cold for these here parts of the country. It is snowing in NC and friends have posted a few pics. The community center just posted all the roads have snow and ice in our area. Roy is out and about this morning. He bought food for Bible study and he came back here with some donuts for keep me warm this cold prairie morning.

I have been focused on January 6th since December 2nd. My follow up visit with my Dr and Orthopedic Surgeon. My friend from joint camp was in the waiting room when I arrived. She was also there on 12/2. We got caught up with each other's progress. She still needs to use her walker away from home and she was jealous that I haven't used a walker for almost a month. Her "good" knee is taking a beating from the repaired knee and she is wondering now if she should have had both knees done at the same time. My doctor visit was very good. He is so pleased with my progress and even stood and applauded my walking. Wow, I have never had a Dr do that. I asked a lot of questions on this visit. I have been concerned with stamina but he assured me it will return. I am so off the charts in my recovery that these few little things are coming into play much more than they should. He assured me around the six month mark, my stamina should be back. I am a party pooper now with bedtimes averaging between 8:30-10:00 most nights. Dr Smith told me I am the poster child for bilateral knee replacements and I have had the best recovery of any of his double knee patients. I don't think he believed me when I told him in July I was very motivated. I said that a lot to medical people as well as I am a slow starter but once I understand what is needed from me and I understand it, I accelerate quickly. I think I am also a good example of not needing the machine that moves your knee back and forth. My Dr is getting away from using them and only prescribes one if the patient is insistent.

Monday morning...where did the weekend go? Well, you'll have to wait for another post.

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