Wednesday, January 4, 2017

One Word, Flourish

Psalm 92:12-15New Living Translation (NLT)

But the godly will flourish like palm trees

    and grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon.
For they are transplanted to the Lord’s own house.
    They flourish in the courts of our God.
Even in old age they will still produce fruit;
    they will remain vital and green.
They will declare, “The Lord is just!
    He is my rock!

    There is no evil in him!”

Mark 5, the passage about Jairus' daughter, became my rally prayer before and after surgery. Yes, I know I am not a twelve year old girl, but Jesus giving His hand out, her getting up, walking around to the amazement of others and yes, even the part about give her something to eat kept me focused in prayer for the outcome of one of the scariest decisions I had made in quite sometime. But, I knew that I needed another passage to keep me centered and Psalm 92 came to mind. As I read and reread this Psalm the word flourish stood out. 2017 was fast approaching and I hadn't discovered my One Word for the year...but flourish had definite possibilities. I kept looking and praying about One Word and flourish kept my attention. Then I remembered Margaret Feinberg's devotion book Flourish and it had been packed with other books making their way to Texas. I need all the help I can get to keep sharp and on point with things like this. On January 1st I read the introduction and first chapter and knew I had found the word and the book to help me along this year. 

Flourish-grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, a fanfare, a bold or extravagant gesture or action. Yep, that is the definition of the word but biblically it means more than that. Flourish is an agricultural term and mainly used by the poets and prophets. I learned this from the devo as well as tree in the Bible often serving as metaphors referring to people, not plants. 


I have written in the past and will most probably write in the future about the move from the hot prairie of Texas to the mountains of North Carolina. While I was tired, exhausted, at my wits end, parched and giving up hope daily, my wonderful and thoughtful hubby intervened, with great sacrifice I might add. With the cooler temps, the slower pace of life, and a a change of view, the life that at one time lively and full of spirit and had deteriorated into just existing returned thriving, exciting and blossoming with new energy and life. This is not just happy talk because there were tough days and nights. There are results and residues making the change. There are people who gossip and speculate about circumstances falsely. Friendships transition and some hold tight and others begin to slip away. Roy and I began a new normal and our conversations and ideas are more focused and real. In all these things, I want to flourish when things are good, when situations are beyond understanding, and in the waiting times. We flourish when we pursue the life that God intends. I will also share that I laid several dreams and goals at the feet of the Lord. If He resurrected and gave new life to them, Praise Him. If He left them there at His feet, Praise Him. 

 Flourish...yep, that is the word. The desire is it to be the real deal...  I know as the year goes by, the word will develop and grow and fit my life specifically. That is something I have experienced since doing the One Word. For now I am happy to present my One Word, flourish, in the best way possible. 

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