Saturday, January 14, 2017

Planks and Parties But No Overthinking

It looks like some mockingbirds have taken up residence in a fixer upper nest in our one of the trees. The nest came with the tree when it was planted in our front yard. It has been used by many a bird family in the past few years. Upon returning home yesterday one of the birds rustled out of the tree and perched upon the garage roof to keep an eye on my activities. Nothing to see here bird, just getting a few groceries out of the back and I'll be on my way.

PT was especially challenging yesterday. We did all new things, harder things that kicked my butt. Had to stop and do a BP reading at one point because it felt like it had gone low. Kelly asked me why I was looking at my watch so much and I told her I was looking at it to see my heart rate and not looking at it with the thought of how much longer. Last year is the year I relearned how to walk and this year is leaning toward posture and opening up my lungs and connective tissue. When Kelly asks me to do something new or something I haven't been able to do in years, after a bit she reminds me not to overthink it. I thought I was trying to better understand the request and movement required to be able to perform it. Alas, it is overthinking and I am learning to discard that habit. It seems to be a slow discard. While trying not to overthink yesterday muscle memory came back in the form of my arm and hand shake I always did before big moments in a tennis or volleyball game. It is the way I would get rid of extra kinetic energy and calm nerves before a serve or executing a particular play. Kelly mentioned the shake and I told her just an old jock habit. She not being athletic in former years laughed saying well that is not anything I know about. We ended my session by doing some moderated planks. Yes, it is as fun as it sounds. The first nine were such a struggle barely if at all being able to count them as a modified plank. I took a moment before the last one, yes probably overthought it but I actually did one and held it for five seconds. The goal is thirty seconds. On Monday we did another assessment of progress and we did some leg stretches that helps with extension. To begin, she gave pressure to the back of my knee and then began a process of pressure points to loosen connective tissue. It stung a little at first but eventually, I could feel a difference.

After PT I went over to CBS and signed up for the remaining time I have here. Peggy's class is full but at least I was able to go into a core group with a leader I have had before. The study this year is Isaiah. Afterwards Emily, Peggy and I went to lunch. There were a few errands to run before going home and I was happy to get home because this child was exhausted.
I feel like I am having a celebration hangover for Peggy's surprise birthday party last night. Such fun! Well planned and Peggy was very surprised. Jaimie did a great job. It is always fun to catch up with friends and meet new friends that you've seen on Peggy's timeline. The variety of friends and the deep love we all feel toward and about her was so powerful in that party room in Pappasito's.Before the party, Dena came over from the foreign land. Since it is such a long dark drive home for her now she spent the night. We both said it is like a mini road trip. Roy is at Bible study, Buddy is settling in for her first morning nap and Dena is still asleep. All is well..... When she gets up and after some coffee, I am already having some, we will do a little bit of shopping and considering brunch.

So happy to see Stevie at Emmanuel yesterday for a haircut and highlights. I met Roy afterwards for a quick lunch and then stop at a convenience store to buy seventy scratch off tickets for Peggy's BD. I have never bought them before.

Back to my thoughts of yesterday reminding myself of a new way to walk and how to release and ease connective tissue. A great word picture for this girl in so many ways and in so many thoughts. Although I don't want to overthink it.

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