Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 18th, One Year Ago Today

All that early morning business yesterday caught up with me during the afternoon and into the hour I slept till this morning. The CBS station here carried great coverage yesterday morning on the storm that tracked through our area and into north Houston and the lands beyond. A small tornado touched down and was rather close to my friend's home in the foreign land. The most reported damage in our area was the trampoline high above the ground, resting in the wires now broken, that would normally supply electricity to the surrounding homes and businesses. While somewhat newsworthy, the attention the trampoline was receiving smacked of overkill. Whose was it? How far had it traveled? Had the power company been called? I never learned the answers to these burning questions and I'm fine with that. I did learn a lot about funnel clouds and tornadic activity from the station. Very informative and educational. The meteorologist on the morning show is passionate about his work and it showed in the reporting.
Wednesday morning. There were storms in the middle of the night with close lightning and thunder. And oh my goodness, the rain was some of the heaviest I have heard. It was not a good sleep night. I should have stayed with mindless TV instead of finishing up CBS homework before going to bed. Isaiah, with emphasis on King Hezekiah. He has always been so interesting to me and the questions got my brain awake and thus...a slow falling into sleep. Also Buddy was restless and couldn't settle. My brother sent a text letting us know that Aunt Amy had passed away. She is the last one from that generation of family. She is really my great aunt.

One year ago today I was on my way home to NC when I stopped at the Cracker Barrel in Lafayette,LA and tripped on a small piece of metal by the trash receptacle. The tip of my tennis shoe caught the metal piece and hurled me forward and as a long time ago volleyball player, I turned my body to absorb the hit like I had been taught. Only thing, this wasn't a gym floor, it was concrete. Thus began the saga of the shattered hip and replacement. I read my blog entries the other day from that period of time and rejoiced at how God had kept me safe and arranged the right doctors and nurses for surgery and recovery. There were small details that I had forgotten about. I rejoice that it has been one year, fall free. 2016 into 2017 is all about learning again how to walk correctly and that is an ongoing process. New knees has brought about more learning in how to "walk this way."

As PT is winding up, I like what we do now more than anything before. It seems like we are into the fine tuning of all the other work. My balance is still off but Kelly sees improvement. We did some tough work yesterday and I was tired at the end of the hour.

I am thankful for this past year, 2016. Lots of changes and learning.

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