Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Knees...I Mean New Year!

After two nights of fireworks, with the worst of it all being New Year's Eve, God is now putting on quite the show with rain, lightning and thunder. Round one came through earlier and this is now round two. This time around we experienced much more lightning and thunder...oh and rain. There were a few no time to say one Mississippi kind of lightning and thunder.

It has been some time since I have experienced lots and lots of fireworks going off in the neighborhood. On NYE the fireworks started early and continued on until 2:30 am. Many a time it sounded like war instead of celebration because of the echos and sounds. Our neighbors behind us must have spent all their savings on fireworks and sadly they seemed to be the most inept in firing them off. While beautiful colors filled the sky, their attempts seemed to just produce a lot of smoke and noise with the occasional success of reaching the target of the sky. Last night they still had leftovers and set quite a few off and then thankfully, they stopped after what looked to be a disastrous attempt at filling the skies with brief flashes of light and color. Tomorrow night I am so tempted to go out in our backyard with pots and pans and Bose speakers as they try to go to sleep and get their kids in bed early for the start of school on Wednesday morning and have my own celebration of the new year. I'm tempted but I won't do it.

All the fireworks made me think of my mom. She hated fireworks and she was on patrol NYE and on the Fourth of July, especially if there hadn't been any rain. Her thinking was, ok, yes, you can shoot off fireworks for about five minutes after midnight and then it must cease. Of course, it never did. Sometimes you would find her outside doing preparatory hosing down of the yard and as much of the roof that she could reach. She kept her eye on the boys next door who had the notorious reputation of being mean and mischievous.

On NYE afternoon we drove over to the foreign land to see Dena. Roy hadn't seen her new home and on a more minor note, I wanted to see how I did with driving an hour. The driving part went well and we had such a fun time with Dena. Roy was disappointed though, that we went to dinner at Carabba's after hearing Dena and I speak about carbmomma's.  He had forgotten about the dream I had while in rehab of not being able to say Carabba's but only being able to say carbmomma's. Roy said, I thought we were going to some local place...which technically we were. Carabba's started in Houston, so it is local. We had a delicious dinner and a great time and we were thankful that we got there early because by 6:00, they had a huge wait for a table. We came back to Dena's and watched a little football, then we headed back to Rancho de Five before all the crazies were out for NYE. 99 makes it so nice of a drive. If we had to go I45, I don't know how often we would get out there.

Roy and I had a very lazy New Year's Day. He went to church and I did not. I kind of spent the day resting and recovering from a fun day before. I did do some work in organizing a few things and getting stuff ready for the recyclable pick up.

Tomorrow our schedules and lives get back to a normal routine. It has been such fun spending time with Roy but since yesterday he is starting a micro manage campaign that I don't especially care for. Of course my micro manage campaign is totally fun and welcomed by Roy. Uh no....

So I just finished up putting 2016 Monablog into book form. I do this at the end of every year. It is kind of fun to read and look at how the year went in print and it is easier than reading it on the computer.

The sun is starting to show and I think the rest of the day is supposed to be clear. The high is 76 today. I'm so glad I remembered to bring capris for such days as this.

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