Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sic Em At The Silos

A few days have passed and I have not blogged. The days have been filled and once home I felt the need to rest. Oh a few times I wandered over toward the computer but something else would draw me away. This morning it is quiet with Roy at Bible study and Buddy figuring out where she will start her first nap of the day. I slept in a little too not getting up until 7:30 am.

Yesterday, Roy and I took off to Waco, TX home of Baylor University and The Silos. I watch Fixer Upper occasionally and I am not a devoted fan, but a fan nonetheless. I had wanted to go last year while recuperating from surgery but didn't make it. We thought it would be a fun day trip and a good test for when we drive back to NC. It gave us a good idea of when we will need to take breaks and things like that. So, we left home around 7:00 am and of course our first stop was in Waller at Buc-ees. Roy and I got breakfast to go and a few snacks for the road. We arrived at The Silos about 10:20 and the place was already jumping. We were coming back around the block where it is located and a big SUV pulled out of a parallel parking spot. Let the record show I have NEVER EVER parallel parked SequishShawn but the NEVER EVER ended in that moment. I had a moment's struggle and I asked Roy if he was praying for me? He responded, well I am now and the rest is history. Didn't hit the curb or any cars. The Silos are located near First Baptist Waco and the style but not the color is very reminiscent of First Baptist Asheville. Asheville being the more beautiful church cause FB Waco is yellow brick or some color like that.  To be fair I think we saw FBW when the sunlight hit it just right to make it look a lot more yellow than it is. If we were going to stop at the bakery in hindsight, we should have gone in when we first arrived. We went into the main store and how beautiful it is. Lots of decorative things but truthfully like so many of my shopping stops, I was looking for t-shirts. We found them on the lower level with about thirty of our new best friends. I also spotted a metal sign that spoke to my heart and knew a small version of the sign hanging in the shop needed to come back to NC with me. After going back upstairs for a moment to look at notebooks and such, we headed back downstairs to pay for our purchases. Lot shorter line, in fact no line and then we went outdoors to the big play area for kids and grown up kids. There are also bathrooms out that way while having a line much shorter than indoors...these are just FYIs for those who have never gone. Lots of picnic tables and food trucks. Big play area and old fashioned swings, with wooden seats not that man made stuff that grips around your rear end. With this being a school day, excepting homeschoolers who might have been there, not too many kids. So I was able to get a quick pic taken on a swing but I didn't feel confident enough to actually swing like I did when I was a child. A train blew past while we were there. After we wandered about a little more we decided it was time to head over to The Baylor University Bookstore. You know, I always need to resupply a Baylor shirt or two. Before going to the bookstore though, we drove around the campus. When we went past Ruth Collins Hall, I mentioned that I had been assigned a corner room with two other roommates that I never got to meet in person nor did I ever see the room. No maybe I did see the room when I visited Mary Madeline a couple of times at Baylor. Who knows, I don't remember but I do remember having to write Alton Lee to let him know I would not be attending Baylor. Roy and I talked about the alumni by choice luncheon we attended in 2015 right before moving up to NC. I know if I had been able to go to Baylor it wouldn't have been a good or happy time and I realized this fact only after going to the alumni by choice luncheon and receiving my ABC "diploma." The realization that my father would have been working overtime to make me miserable there and thus probably causing me to leave before graduating would have hovered over the whole experience. I think I kind of knew that all these years but I kept it tucked in the back of my mind. Interesting that once receiving the ABC "diploma" I have never had another Baylor dream since then and I used to have three to four dreams a year about attending there.

We decided to head on down the road to stop at St Peters Church. Beautiful white clapboard church seen from the road on a rolling Texas hillside. I have no clue where it is to reference the location. We took pictures and walked around the grounds of the church. It has beautiful stain glass windows that has some kind of clear but cloudy protection on the outside of them. Next stop College Station, home of the George W Bush Library...I mean Texas A&M University. We didn't stop there for either of these two but to eat lunch and we chose Rudy's. Next brief stop Navasota for some DQ ice cream and then Buc-ees. Glad we made the Buc-ees stop because we got in a huge traffic jam on 290. We read on WAZE that there was a major wreck past 99. We were slow moving for about 45 minutes but we found freedom once we made the turn onto 99.

Even with the stress of bumper to bumper traffic I still had energy enough to go to Academy with Roy to see if they still had some of their on sale Reeboks in his size. He scored three pairs of tennis shoes, two of the sale ones and a trail tennis shoe for NC. We came on home and Roy did some work from the office and I settled in watching a bit of TV. I watched the special on Mary Tyler Moore.

Our Friday was fun and a driving success! Roy and I had the best time laughing and talking on our road trip. He liked having a day off. He found a Baylor workout water bottle that is the type he has been looking for. When it came to stairs or uneven ground, he was right beside me if I needed any help. I did take him up on his offer going down the stairs in order to go down them correctly and not one step, one step, one step.

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