Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Just Living It Out On The Prairie

This morning I find myself with a little bit of muscle soreness because PT kicked my butt yesterday. That is almost literally. I had an afternoon appointment and after a full morning I was a bit on the tired side but ready to tackle the exercises offered. Yes, I have a lot of strengthening to do and Kelly gave me a few new things to do at home. One thing we did showed me just how much I have been using my arms to do the work that legs and hips were created to do. Only a few more sessions and I will be on my own but I plan find a place to workout. I am seeing a year later, even though I was doing well, how much outpatient would have helped me after doing in home therapy for my hip. Some things are being corrected as we work on the knees.

To celebrate being able to do all that was asked of me at PT, I went over to Academy to look at Astro shirts. 2017 could be the year for the 'stros. I found two cute shirts and purchased them. I will be ready to represent in the ANC.

I did a little more packing and rearranging of things going back. Guess that would also include rethinking some of the things that might just go back with us. A lot of good times and memories from this trip for sure will travel back and stay with me a long time. Many lessons learned and notes from rehab hospital time are certainly going with me. Thankfully, before I came to Texas I went through a list of situations, circumstances or people that I don't have a dog in the show to speak and let those things go in how I let them affect me. In that time of reflection and letting go, I really grabbed onto the present and what the future just might hold and rejoiced in that. It is looking like Super Bowl Weekend in Houston just might be the weekend I get the most accomplished because we are all laying low with the crowds that will soon engulf the area. At the last Super Bowl they had to restrict then close all access to the Galleria. Too many people for it to be safe. I read there are a couple of events out this way. Hopefully, they won't be large venues to further complicate traffic.
It is an earlier morning than usual for me. Woke up pretty much wide awake. I have lunch plans and Chris will be here this afternoon. Yesterday, Erin D came over to show me Norwex products. I told her I was sold on them before she even came out to show me what they can do. Roy has become so sensitive to fragrances so I figure using less chemicals to clean would benefit him. Along with the info, I enjoyed our visit. Erin is one of those young women who I admire so much.

After she left I did a couple of errands and then spent the afternoon tracking some suspicious emails that looked to be fraudulent activity. We had a fraud alert on a credit card last week. I think after talking to many it is nothing but I am keeping an eye on things. Roy wasn't available for consultation because he was at the dentist.

We both worked on our CBS homework last night. I think mine is a lot harder.

Driving around here going places and running errands, I realize just how many more homes are being built and businesses opening. Several of the mom and pop stores that were fun to go to have closed. Both have sited busy lives but it is the box stores and chains moving in that have taken business. Even in Fulshear, one of the fastest growing areas around, a couple of home grown restaurants have closed and a fun little gift shop just closed its doors as well.

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