Monday, January 23, 2017

The Day Calls

These early Texas mornings will be drawing to a close soon. The sound of multiple school busses starting and stopping as they load up kiddos for school throughout our neighborhood. Today's forecast is sunny. I have PT today and several things to take care of. One is a Buddy cat who seems to be very vocal this morning and she can't decide whether to begin her first nap of the morning or sit on my lap.

Saturday morning I had a wonderful treat of going to the Fulshear Farmer's Market. Honestly most of the farmer's markets around here are pitiful. This seemed to be the exception. Great vendors with varied offerings. Roy and I walked about and purchased a few items. The buy of the day, grapefruit for a quarter a piece and they gave him a fifth one for free. While we were looking around our shopping conversation turned to crawfish and cajun. Since we had an errand over toward Mason Road, we decided to stop at Babin's to take care of those gumbo cravings. Lunch was delicious and gave us the strength to complete the day's tasks. One task was to walk around the water feature next to our home. We learned several years ago that it is actually a creek and it was around when all this land was used for rice farming. It does run into Spring Lake which is a beautiful, man made "lake." It is one of those lakes just to look at, not enjoy. I have been practicing extending my stride and it was fun to have Roy there to walk and talk with. The turtles were sun bathing around the water and some kind of bird was doing a lot of underwater swimming and fishing. There is a new connector that no one thought would ever be constructed because the trail is between two different "owned" neighborhoods. Roy says it a flat and not interestingly designed like the rest of the trails in Rancho de Five. Before I go back to NC, I may take his trek to ride along that path.

Sunday morning the choir and orchestra were back in the 9:15 service. Welcome back! I was back to my regular perch of the last row in the balcony. I took the elevator up but took the stairs when going to Life Bible Study. Dena's lesson in the Mastering Life book was thought provoking and good. Now there is a six week break on that book because for the next six weeks all the classes will be doing standard lessons based on the pastor's book, Unstoppable Gospel. Next Sunday Malcolm Pierre is teaching our class at Dena's invite. I think it will be wonderful and all the ladies were happy when she announced that info at the end of class. After church Dena and I went to Molina's for lunch. Great Tex Mex and on Sunday afternoons it is quiet enough to actually have conversation that each other can hear. Our waiter Luis was fabulous! We went to a local furniture store nearby. Dena is looking for an entryway piece. Saw a few possibilities. Then we went to Kuhl Linscomb. What an experience! This place is so big they have maps to help you navigate the store. They carry all kinds of things, goods and wares. Some are very pricey, like a $175.00 candle and other things are reasonably priced. They carry hard to find products and there is also the usual. I loved it! I am so glad we had time to make a quick visit. Since we were so close to the Shepherd Whole Earth Provision Company, I called to see if they had any Flax brand clothes. Yes, they did. So we went the 3/10 of a mile to the crowded center and thankfully although the parking lot was jammed, there was an open handicap parking space. I will be happy to be well but dang, I am going to miss that parking placard. I found some Flax I loved and was on sale. Much bigger selection than the Galleria store. Our fun afternoon called for a celebration, so we stopped at a Starbucks for coffee. On the way to Starbucks we drove on the street where Dena used to live years ago when she first came to Houston. All the apartments have been torn down to make way for high rise apartments I'm sure. So little land, so much density.

I watched some of the Inauguration on Friday just like in years past, not much of it. I mainly like to watch the parade with the military bands. I briefly saw two of the three balls the Trumps attended and couldn't stay up much later than that. Last night we watched some of the blowout football games but we flipped between the games and some documentaries on the aftermath of WWII and how Europe came back to civility. Very interesting and I learned a lot. There isn't too much talk after...we won! But it took a lot to put lives back together.

The day calls to begin, so I will respond.

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