Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Beloved Recipe Is Found

The long lost apple cake recipe has been found! My brother texted me last night announcing this good news. He had found it hiding in his recipe box and it had been safely ensconced all these years. We have bought apple cakes looking for the same taste but never came close to it. We have discussed recipes for apple cake we have found along the way, but alas they didn't fit the bill. He also found a recipe for caramel icing that he is going to drizzle onto the cake. I told him he will not have any leftovers as he is taking it to a Sunday School potluck this weekend. I also asked him to send the black eye pea recipe that my mom made every New Year's Day. Bonus, he sent the caramel icing recipe.

Slowly but surely all the to do's on my list are being checked off as done. This means we are getting closer to returning to the mountains. I also do my exercises, or at least most of them, faithfully everyday. That means, I am getting closer to returning to the mountains.

So, I got a Fitbit for Christmas. I like it but not for the reason I thought I would. My best thing on my Fitbit is the sleep tracker. This has been an interesting look into how well I do or don't sleep. I am not meeting my goal on steps but I am meeting my goal on sleep. Then you factor in the times you are awake or restless while sleeping and boom, I am still meeting my goal. This Fitbit also keeps a record of my heart rate and that has been especially helpful. These past seven weeks have been revealing in that knee pain caused a whole lot of the stress I experienced. These weeks of recovery have held very few afib moments or events. Sometimes I couldn't tell the difference between heart episodes and knee pain but now I can.
Good Thursday morning! I got out and about yesterday and never came back to the blog. I went to Hobby Lobby, Whole Foods and Kroger. By the time I finished at Kroger, I was a bit fatigued and ready for the quick drive home. I spent the afternoon doing things around here and as has been my custom for most of this recovery time, I was in bed asleep before 9:30 pm. Today, I thought I might make a quick trip to Memorial City Mall but while looking through the closet last night, I found I could put together an outfit for a funeral I will be attending this Saturday.

On this cool morning it is nice sitting by the fireplace. I miss having a real fire even though it comes on with a click of a remote. The electric insert we put in the fireplace in NC is nice and it will warm the room, just not the same though.

The new washer is delivered this Saturday and the people from Nordictrack also come on Wednesday to tune up the recumbent bike. Roy is certainly enjoying his Christmas gift, a small freezer for the garage. He loves to slow cooker cook and then freeze for days ahead.

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