Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Little Thursday Shoutout

It is going to be a warm spring day in January today and tomorrow the temps might break previous records. I'm wondering if the winter season is over or if we will have a few more days of cooler temps before it is over? I know I brought limited spring type clothes. That new washing machine will be getting a workout at this pace. Because of the cold and icy roads from Dallas, on Saturday our delivery and installation of a new machine didn't happen until 10:00 pm. I was so tired and Roy told me to go onto bed but I didn't want to be in jammies with workmen in the house. Besides, I've been watching ID TV again and every situation is probable for something to go wrong. Then you become a Dateline show and we do not want that. I am thinking, with the doors open and machines being removed and replaced, it could be a crime of opportunity for someone to just come in among the change and create chaos. So, I was in the bedroom watching TV and praying for that not to happen. It all went well. We could have had the washer fixed but the repairs were almost the same price of a new washer and a new one could be delivered before a repairman could get here. We got the upgraded version of the machine we bought for NC. We've been very happy with it.

Monday was a momentous day in PT World. I was able to do three flights of stairs. Real stairs and although it was a halt and lame kind of climb and descent, it wasn't the one step, one step kind of deal. I actually used one railing, not two, and went up and down like normal. It was a celebratory kind of moment. Beginning next week PT will only be once a week.

Tuesday was a productive day in recovery world or what's left of that world. I was able to get some things picked up and although not put away because they will be going back to NC with me, at least in some kind of order. Roy was pleasantly surprised to see the work I had done especially in the closet. All the synthetic workout clothes I brought for rehab are going to Katy Christian Ministries along with a few other clothes that didn't quite workout the way I thought they would. Even some clothes that have been hanging around the closet got the heave ho. It dawned on me yesterday that I am not going to get nearly everything done I had wanted to do while recovering. A lot of time you think can be used for reading or projects is used to rest and restore. Stamina is slowly returning. One of the assessment questions on Monday, can you stand for an hour? I'm getting closer to doing that but it was a struggle on Saturday at the reception after Don Bolin's service.

John's song, Daddy's Lullaby, was used in the service on Saturday. I just happened to be sitting in between two friends who both had wonderful daddies. And there were tears. I even had some tears, but not because of such love...I kind of laughed to myself, oh this song would have to be re-written for my circumstances, your daddy hates you. Now there was a day that thought would have put me over the line emotionally but thankfully, I am not living in that season anymore. It was like an acknowledgement of life but the forward pressing into the present that I have a Great Father and I have Roy a great, great hubby.
Once I hit the floor running, I didn't stop until last night. I met Geni H for lunch at Collina's. The ravioli is one of my favs. So another place marked off the list to go to while in Houston. We had a wonderful time of catching up and I came home with a handmade knitted lamb. So, so cute but must keep it out of Buddy's vision. I took the back way through Memorial to Memorial City Mall and wow, so many new homes, giant homes...  I stopped at Macy's and that was a bust. Must be getting close to inventory time because most departments were filled with clearance items. Lots of clearance items...more so than usual. That stop at Macy's, although quick, put me in Houston 5:00 traffic. I have avoided that kind of traffic on most trips back here. Wow! It is a bear but like most things here that are opposite of life now, you adjust for the time here or avoid. Chris was still here when I got home and I barely beat Roy home from the office. Leftovers sounded like a plan for dinner.

Today, PT and then I am stopping in at CBS to register, I am happy that I was able to schedule the rest of PT on other days than Thursday.

Well, I better kick, stretch and kick...cause I've got PT ahead of me.

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