Monday, January 16, 2017

Up For A Storm

Marathon Sunday in Houston...warm, muggy Houston. The threat of rain ever lingers and the gray skies attest to a dreary looking day. But I take hope cause I like cloudy, overcast days. The tree in the backyard has a few spinning leaves on it. Those leaves creating such art must not be hanging onto the tree to tightly spinning and twirling while the rest of the leaves remain still and stoic, behaving like leaves are wont to do.

This morning I woke up with a sore throat and this shall be a sign unto me since 2008 that I need to slow down and rest a bit. So, I opted out of church. Roy went onto church and is stopping at Walmart on the way home. He found the pretzels he loves there and they are being displayed as a seasonal item..seasonal as in football. They are in these huge plastic containers which seems to be another indicator for the seasonal designation.

After a hearty start to the day, donuts and coffee, Dena and I headed over to Home Goods yesterday morning. We are both pleased with what we found and loaded up the truck with all our Home Goods goodness. Our plans had originally been to go to brunch at Las Alamada's but we opted for Red River. We split the shrimp plate and added sides to our order. Delicious! Our dessert option came as Sonic because we wanted to bring Roy something, sort of a bribe, although we didn't need to, for his help in putting Dena's purchases into the back of her SUV. We had a wonderful day that ended too soon because Dena needed to get back over to the foreign land.

We flipped channels last night between Dateline and the Texans. Seems like we spent more time with Dateline because we kind of knew the end result for the Texans. The story on Dateline took place in Austin with some Houston thrown in. The story of a man, who was found guilty of killing a woman who was selling her home. He had a long history of making women nervous as he acted like he had cash to buy these homes on the market. He also claimed to be a Christian and he worked at a church. It was a bit unnerving as the show told the story and how he came to be discovered when the fiance and another man friend had been considered the chief suspects.
Roy was especially noisy this morning while getting ready for work and since I was wide awake, I got up at 5:00 am. The forecast has called for rain but we didn't really get any yesterday but this morning, a totally different story. Rancho de Five and surrounding Beigeland was under a tornado warning. The alarm to take cover went off on my phone several times. Buddy wasn't too interested in hunkering down in the bathroom, so we moved to the closet/bathroom in our bedroom where she had a little more room to roam. Thankful that Dena was texting and keeping me in the loop weatherwise. Once the worst of the storm had passed and Buddy was onto her first nap of the morning, I went about fixing the screen on the refrigerator that was flashing error. We had a huge power surge earlier in the morning that also had the alarm system beeping and chirping. I feel a nap coming on for later this afternoon.

I woke up with a sore throat yesterday morning. Since 2008 a sore throat is an accurate warning that my immune system is in upheaval and I need to pull back and rest. So, I opted out of church but if there had been more initiatives like choir and orchestra or lunch plans afterwards, I would have powered on through. It was good to rest and read. Roy had gone to church and when he got home we made Black Eye Pea Jambalaya. It is a recipe that my mom used and lunch turned out pretty good.  We also made cornbread. And what a coincidence, this is what we will be having for supper tonight.

One of my favorite movies was on TCM yesterday afternoon, All About Eve. That movie contains some great lines along with the story of Margo Channing and her star struck, yet cunning protege Eve Harrington....

Now that the sun has risen the sky has that eerie iridescent feel that comes after a storm. We had some hard rain and I think the rain loosened the leaves to fall that were twirling and spinning yesterday morning.

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