Monday, February 13, 2017

Pondering and Packing

I think Buddy knows a change is a coming. She has been glued to my side in the evenings and at night. Today, she has not done her regular sleeping schedule and is keeping an eye on what I am doing. I have been getting the little things taken care of that sometimes get left to the last minute. I am hopeful that this all fits into the back of the truck when it comes time. Have things in bags so I can squish them to fit better. Roy has taken SequishShawn to the dealership for oil change and for regular maintenance. The 5000 mile check up would hit while on the road and this also helps me not to have to be at the dealership getting all this taken care of so soon upon my return.

The weather people say we might break a record today with highs in the 80's. I can feel the effects of the warmer temps.

We are experiencing an overcast Monday. Tomorrow is forecast to hold lots of rain and storms. I'm keeping an eye on the weather for traveling and it is looking like a good forecast. We have moved quite a few things that are going back into the garage. I have scraped the table idea and will keep an eye out for something in the coming months. Last year we experienced some guff from the home health people that we didn't have a dinner table with chairs. Uh, they went to NC but online there was a cute, cheap table that has sufficed quite nicely here although I didn't have home health care this time. It seems like forever ago when Roy bought a new vacuum cleaner for NC and I guess it was since he bought it at the time I was in the rehab hospital. It needs to find its place in the stack of things going.

Yesterday, was my last Sunday visit on this trip to Houston's First Baptist. I loved going to choir practice and catching up with friends in Dayspring Life Bible Study Class. Loved all the music in the 9:15 service. A special surprise yesterday was Lisa P sitting in the balcony with Dena and me.

I have had lots of time to think and ponder. Lots of time to be thankful and grateful. Lots of time to do my PT homework. Lots of time to sleep, I gave up on reading because each time I began a book, I fell asleep. I got tired of restarting book after book. I have watched more TV than I usually do and I think I have caught up on all the Datelines and 48 Hours. I know almost all the lines and plots to The Andy Griffith Show. In the past week I have felt a difference in my stamina during the day and still fall into bed at night tired, but a good kind of tired.

Roy and I watched The Blind Side last night instead of the Grammy's. OK, I don't think we have ever watched the Grammy's. Award shows are not our thing and it was funny to read on FB and Twitter that many of my younger friends didn't even know who some of the musicians were. That is encouraging, welcome to my world of the Hits from the 70's-90's. I have loved this time in Texas with Roy. We have had such fun even in the midst of knee replacements.

Between my Dr appointment and lunch with CourtneyS on Friday, I had a little time. I went to the hospital gift shop. Dena says hospital gift shops are the best and I think she is right. There were all kinds of fun things to look at and some of those fun things came home with me. Then I took some time driving around the Spring Branch area and marveling at all the changes. I also drove a bit in the Memorial area and more homes have been torn down  and huge mansions built in their stead. I can't believe all the high rise apartments and condos being built and the streets are torn up because of resurfacing and widening.

Yep, this has been a good visit and once again I am grateful for a hubby that loves me enough to sacrifice, to let me live where my health thrives. So thankful to the Lord for the gift of friends here and the gift of friends there.

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