Saturday, February 4, 2017

Saturday Morning Catch Up

There is a little bit of coolness in the air this morning. The mockingbirds summoned me out of sleep with their cheerful morning songs. Buddy has settled in for her first morning nap after having some lap and coffee time with me. I have a pedicure scheduled for this morning and a few errands to run afterwards. Roy and I are meeting for lunch and thankfully we have no other plans for the day. With the Super Bowl being in Houston this week, it is good to stick around on the prairie, although some of the parties have come out this way.

Wednesday was wait on workmen day. Our shower began leaking profusely on Tuesday. The plumbing company we use sends an email with a picture of the plumber that will be fixing the issue so you will recognize him at the front door. That is a very nice feature. So Jason was our plumber and he did a great job and a big plus, he was early to the job. He also installed the new shower head we had bought in November thinking we could change it out ourselves. I live to laugh...of course we couldn't. It was supposed to help me while I was in the midst of recovery. The warranty repair guy for the recumbent bike also came on Wednesday to finish up with the work he had started about a week ago.

I went to choir Wednesday night and as per usual, so blessed by the music and the worship. It is also a good time to do stair work. For the Super Bowl the sheriff's department has set up a SWAT station in one of the parking lots of the church. Really felt safe Wednesday night.

Thursday is Bible study and I went with most of my homework done. This past week's homework seemed especially difficult. It wasn't hard, it just had some wordy questions and my attention span went south.  After Bible study several of us went out to lunch at Whiskey Cake. The food was good but it is too noisy for any kind of meaningful conversation...and it is pricey for lunch. Glad we tried it though. I had the fried chicken salad just to start getting in shape for NC fried chicken.

Last night Emily and Judy had a bunco party. We celebrated the demolishing of Emily's old kitchen and the installation of her new kitchen. I think the work begins today. We all brought snacks and had a blast. Most hadn't ever played bunco, so it was a hoot at the beginning watching friends grasp the concept and competitiveness of bunco. I got home before Roy who was at Bible study. Yes, I'm rolling dice with choir friends and he was studying I and II Thessalonians.
Saturday morning. Roy is at Bible study and Buddy is still asleep. Lisa P and I have been texting this morning. Good morning world!

I had a pedi yesterday morning and Lisa, the nail tech, couldn't get over how good my feet looked. She even suspected I had a pedi somewhere else, but no, I think it is from the detox gel and also from walking differently. The good news of that was all the time she used to use on cleaning up cuticles and dry skin, she used to massage my feet and legs. Oh glory! Afterwards, I felt light on my feet while at Home Goods and then a quick stop at Emmanuel to buy product to take back with me.

Just got home when I got a text from Roy that he was leaving the park and ride, so I left home and met him for lunch at Alicia's. Then score, we also got to see Jennifer S for a quick visit. She is on the go most of the time and I hadn't seen her at our regular meeting spot, the balcony of church.

Today I will devote a majority of the day going through Roy's closet as well as packing up more things. Sticking close to home on Super Bowl Weekend.

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