Tuesday, March 7, 2017

We Need Raindrops To Fall On Our Heads

The wind chimes out front are playing a faster song but that is normal on windy days. We are supposed to get rain later today. I just checked the radar and yep, greens, reds and yellows on the screen are moving toward us. Now if the mountains along the TN border do their job, we won't see a lot of bad weather but we sure could use more rain.

We are working on our Easter music in choir. Sunday night after a great rehearsal, I came home and was sitting here reading. I heard a strange noise upstairs...not quite sure what it was. So, I went upstairs and began looking about. I couldn't find what made the noise and just attributed it to something falling and I'd discover it soon enough. Yesterday morning, the falling object revealed itself when I saw all these push pins on the floor under the project desk. On the wall above the desk is a magnetic set of containers filled with office supplies, paperclips, push pins, and clips. The lid of the push pin container popped off. Mystery solved.

So happy for my friends at Houston's First Baptist, getting the offering amount needed to begin the remodeling process on the building they purchased downtown. Hats off to the communications staff cause they got the word out quickly and Houston Business Journal, Houston Chronicle and Channel 13 picked up the story.

My workout with Taylor yesterday was so encouraging and productive. I love that he uses the jackhammer on my shoulders before we begin and then takes me through a series of stretches to help with range of motion. My left side especially needs this. He also used the jackhammer on my right hip to help it respond and for the muscles to fire up. Then we began the first of what I hope is many TRX workouts. It is range of motion for the right side and strength for the left. Of course I have homework before our next session and I can use the stairs to do the work. I am finding it easier to go up and down stairs and sometimes not holding onto the railing so tightly which means I am using upper body strength to perform the task. It is a good work in progress in getting my legs, knees and feet back into the process. Balance work is the hardest and it is coming slowly but surely. I have noticed that getting water for the birdbath and putting the trash bag for pick up on the road isn't as precarious as it was before. Still making my brain and feet communicate with each other. It feels like I have learned to walk all over again.

It is now the afternoon and the wind still has the wind chimes playing a fast tune. The rain thought to be coming earlier today has now waited for a late afternoon arrival. The skies are a silver to dark gray with occasional light spots peeking through. I thought it might be a good idea to run over to Walmart, yes what in the world was I thinking, this morning before maybe encountering rain. With all respect to my cousin and a few friends who work at Walmart, I really, really dislike...no the correct term would be HATE going to Walmart. I was optimistic because the parking lot wasn't too crowded and I breezed through the aisles picking up what I had intended to get and well...I found a few more things...at reasonable prices. That is where the happy, happy, joy, joy stopped. There were only two main lanes open and both had lines and shoppers with full baskets. It did not make me feel any better that employees would come out, look around, look concerned and then do nothing. No code....whatever the code number would be for open more registers, just lines. I had too many for express and self checkout. Finally, as I approached the counter to be able to put my soon to be purchased items on the belt, the cashier seemed to slow down...then, when the woman in front of me wasn't sure whether to push clear or ok on the card reader, the clerk says, push clear. That clears out the signature so the woman is just standing there and the clerk says ok. But it wasn't ok...I finally got involved in this three stooges escapade cause we would still be there with the lady pushing on clear and the clerk saying ok...whose on first? I said you hit clear and it cleared your signature. You have to sign again and then click on ok.  Alas! Success! Progress at the Walmart. Then the clerk says to no one in particular, I've never had so many questions coming at me at one time. Uh, no one was asking her anything, so it must have been the voices in her head asking questions cause none of us were talking to her or to ourselves or amongst one another. I was loading my cart and getting ready to finish up our transaction when it sounded like the clerk said to me, have a good day zombie. Well, if her hair wasn't so greasy and I could have heard her incorrectly but I should have turned back to her and do the zombie walk and I'd be saying, brains, brains, brains...oh, somebody beat me to them cause there ain't a brain in that head. No, I walked away hoping my frozen food had not defrosted.

So I checked Amazon to see if the prices are better on a few of the things that I get at Walmart. Not better price so maybe Roy will go to Walmart for me. It doesn't seem to bug him as much as it does me.

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