Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Sunday Happy Occurrence

Just like that, the snow event is over. I felt like a kid at Christmas knowing the snow would come in the middle of the night. The first time I woke up, I looked out the window. The snow must have just started to fall because there wasn't any accumulation. The second time I woke up, I decided not to look because I would be so disappointed not to see snow. Ah yes, third time is a charm and I looked out the window to see the deck covered in radiant white snow.

I stirred myself out of bed early to take a few pictures from inside the house. That cold gray was the canvas for the snow to show off. The limbs of trees laden with snow created beautiful silhouettes against the gray and silver sky. Now that the sun has come out the snow will melt and by this afternoon there won't be any signs that it was here for such a brief time.

The normally busy road is rather quiet this morning with only a few cars and trucks passing by. The road must have been brined yesterday because it was clear this morning while everything else was blanketed with snow.

The little wrens and sparrows were busy this morning clearing out the birdfeeder designed for smaller birds. They cleared the snow and got down to the business of eating. I sat at the table watching the coming and going of the birds and asked the Lord if He would so kindly send a cardinal. He did and I took a few pictures. Then another male cardinal came, they got into a fight and flew off. Later, Mr and Mrs Cardinal had brunch together and I was able to catch that too.

Now the trees that are still in winter dormancy look like they have cotton balls among the branches. I know better than to try and maneuver outdoors. One is more cautionary with artificial knees and hip. Besides building a small snowman is fun when you are doing that with others. So, I choose to drink coffee and watch the birds and the snow melt.

This has been a special, quiet morning. Along with the sacred there has been fun sending pics to friends and then posting snow pictures like a tourist. I know, I should act like I have seen snow before but it is fun to share the beauty. I am happy to see friends who have lived here all their lives posting snow pictures or commenting on the happy occurrence.

The weather service is reporting that we didn't get as much snow as expected and the dry air coming from the north made this more a southern snow event, meaning south of Asheville. It looks like, from my back deck observation, that we got maybe 2 inches of snow. Believe me I am fine with that. Yesterday, I read articles about the blizzard of 93 which ironically began on March 12th. We will keep an eye on Monday evenings weather because we could get some icy precip from the Nor'easter coming back up the coast.

I just saw my friend CourtneyS leading on the frontline praise team at Houston's First Baptist webcast. I love to hear her sing.

Our church service here begins at 11:00 so it is a later start. I am still in my jammies and have opted for church at home this morning. The time got away as I watched and took pictures of our happy occurrence here in the mountains.

 In a bit, once it looks better for me to venture out, I will help the birds get a little more food in them to keep warm.

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