Tuesday, March 14, 2017


There are just a few patches of snow left mainly in the shade, places without a southern exposure. Our deck still has a remnant of snow left. It was fun while it lasted and really that is how snow can be enjoyed. When you are trapped inside for days on end by this beautiful white ice, somehow it loses its appeal. Every little bit of moisture helps knock out the drought that we have been in since last year.

The time got away this morning and before I knew it, it was 10:04. Good thing I had already planned not to go to church. So second day in a row without makeup and once I got involved into my bird and bunny watching, well I am ensconced. I did venture out for a quick minute when I took the trash down to the road in the truck and then went "around the block." The camels were up by the fence close to the road. They very rarely, or we are never able to catch them, that close up to take pics. So, I drove around the block so to speak and came back this time ready to snap a few pics and I was treated to a great display of camel cushing and rolling over onto the grass mainly for scratching purposes. I was so delighted and entertained. Thankfully, no traffic on the road so I was able to sit there a few minutes and take it all in.

Today Peggy called me the bird lady or Lady Bird. Maybe I am more like Doctor Doolittle because when I start watching the birds, I do little other than that. The backyard is all a flutter with birds coming and going. I observed an interesting thing today. Bunny Foo Foo was back and enjoying the seeds the birds hadn't found. There were doves nearby and the feeder filled with finches and wrens. The caw of a nearby crow broke the silence and all activity stopped. Not one of those birds moved. The bunny was so still and they stayed that way for about three minutes. When they knew the coast was clear all activity resumed. The fluttering of those small birds did not phase the rabbit. Even when the bigger birds like cardinals came around, nothing...but the shadow of a big bird flying over or the sound of a crow....makes for a quiet backyard. This morning two squirrels were chasing each other up and down the trees, that is until two blue jays began darting toward them. One squirrel ran off but the other one kind of put up a defence of his limb on the tree. Obviously, there wasn't a birds nest in it, so the blue jays were just playing or bullying because it was all a sport to them. I am learning a lot about life watching the antics of the animal kingdom.
Tuesday and it is cold with winter skies. We are having spotty Wifi coverage so I am writing quickly before the squirrels decide it is too cold to run and it goes out again. Just like ancestors of old I restock the Wifi by rebooting...well, it seems like it is the same concept as with stoking a fire.

The roads were clear yesterday so I was able to go to my workout appointment. We did some good work yesterday. Afterwards, I went to the grocery store and then to the pharmacy to get prescriptions transferred. I have an errand or two for today but I think I can wait till the cold is over. We are above freezing for the rain we got last night was just that, rain not snow. The next two nights will be bitter cold in the teens. I keep thinking about and praying for the students on spring break from Houston's First that are serving in New York City this week. Most do not have cold weather gear since winter is about three days in January.

I had a very difficult time falling asleep last night. I got back up and dozed in front of the TV until about 2;00 am. I think I was a little wired from phone calls and I ate my supper a little later than normal. And I think the time change had something to do with it as well. As I regain stamina and active days like yesterday that would have worn me out before new knees. So maybe I need to take activity up a notch.

Another experiment in coffee and it seems to be a good choice. I bought some Folgers French Vanilla coffee yesterday since it was on sale. We used to drink that coffee several years ago. So I made coffee with it and a scoop of a premium vanilla coffee and I think we have a winner. I also want to try out this morning the new item in the dairy case for making lattes. It comes in a can that looks like whipped cream. I got caramel flavor, so we will see.

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