Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Are a Dufi...

Today I am an idiot. OK, lots of days I am an idiot.  Confession is good for the soul. Yes, the same person who just this morning was taking in the brilliance of God's creation and who marveled at the ways of God, sits before you this evening a complete and total dufus.  You see, I always think that technical things are going to be a breeze, easy peasy...plug it in and task is done.  I know better!  Really, whose husband planned out of town trips for his wife so that new cable could be installed or buying and setting up a computer could happen without my hysterics.  It is so frustrating that these things that make life easy and fast and smart take a degree from MIT to install.  See, I am trying to build up the monumental task that this clearly isn't for most. 

This morning I pulled out the ol iPod to juice her up to be able to use on the trip.  Now Roy told me, there's no need for that, just transfer what you want from your itunes to your new phone.  Ha ha...I didn't take that bait but I did believe that I could plug in my iPod and it would magically play from the speakers in my car.  Do you know that it doesn't work without some kind of set up?  At least I opened the garage door while fiddling around with the voice commands.  I know enough about carbon monoxide poisoning.  I'm speaking out responses to the voice command and clearly Sequisha couldn't understand me half the time...lots of pardon, pardon, pardon?  As I dutifully followed directions I came to an impasse, putting in the code.  What code?  How does one input the code?  Clearly I was in over my head and decided to cancel the whole process only when you cancel, the radio presets and the blue tooth phone connection do not go back to the previous setting.  I was so mad at myself and I entered the house and the home phone was ringing.  It was Roy giving me bus progress and I spilled my guts to him about the phone and the mess up and the iPod.  Clearly speaking kind words to me wasn't going to help my mood and I realized the best thing was for me to get off the phone.  My blood pressure must have shot up something fierce because I have the worst headache. 

When Roy got home, he tried to restore everything and he was just as unsuccessful.  He called the dealership, got hung up on and he decided then and there he would take the car to the dealer and get this thing fixed.  He hadn't even had dinner, so he grabbed some power bars and some crackers and headed all the way to Champion Toyota on I-45.  He just called to let me know he is there and he said there very few employees around but he was going to grab someone and have them fix the mess I created.  I love Roy so much, not because he drove all the way out there tonight but because he shows love in the not so usual ways.  He is concerned that it all work well because of my trip that is coming up.  He's not going to act put out with me or give me some kind of lecture on letting the professionals handle things.  No, he is going to I Corinthian 13 it all the way there, home and to the bank.  Not that he is going to go to the bank but people always say they'll laugh all the way to the bank.  The bank has nothing to do with this at all. 

Well, if I didn't feel dumb before, I am feeling a whole lot dumber now.  Roy is on his way home from the dealership and apparently it is easy peasy to plug in the iPod and it plays.  We are going to have remedial instruction when he gets home.  He was trying to tell me what to do if I ever mess up the phone again....and we decided it would be best for him to pay attention to traffic and see how my ADD is when he gets home.  All he told me sounded like Charlie Brown's teacher...wah wah wah wah...

Tomorrow, I conquer the electric toothbrush.

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marty h said...

I am a fellow dufus. If I didn't have my live in technical computer support person - otherwise known as my brilliant husband, my computer would have been tossed out of the window many times! You are not alone, sister!