Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Letter

The brilliance of the sun moment is just about over and the computer screen is visible again. This week's homework in Revelation has a lot more personal, how did the study affect you type questions. Usually, I tend toward not answering those questions, well at least not answering them in writing. The questions are thought provoking and sadly as I finish up today, this signals our last day is soon at hand. I have totally enjoyed the study and our core group.

So yesterday while doing my homework I remembered that Gena gave us back our letters we wrote to ourselves at the beginning of the study. I wrote like the letter was from the Lord to me. Really, in all honesty I sometimes find writing a letter to yourself to be opened later kind of hokey. You do not grow up a Baptist if you haven't written about 15-20 of theses letters to yourself in Sunday School, VBS, or at women's retreats or conferences. This time was different though, I actually thought about it and then wrote from the heart. And of course I didn't even think about the letter again, that is until last week. I pulled the envelope from the back of my Bible and opened it. I had written this on one of my favorite note cards.

Dear Nancy-
I know your path-I know your heart-your love-your joy, yet I have this against you, INDIFFERENCE! Leaving your first love and being preoccupied with all the distractions that keep you occupied with junk.

Trust me with your dad and his drama. Trust Me with your mom.

See what I can change in you. Let some things go-hold tight to the good and don't grow weary in doing good. Trust Me with your health. I know the heart and I know your heart.

Again, don't be so indifferent!


Wow, I was blown away! I didn't remember that these were the words I had written and how the Lord has been in control of every situation, especially with my parents.  . In November the Lord came and rescued my mom from her Alzheimer's and welcomed her into His presence.  If it concerns my dad there will always be drama, but the Lord is gracious in rescuing me from the drama and all the stress.  Then at the first of the year I received the good news with my heart and no surgery. 

Yesterday, while reading Twitter, there was a link to some conference notes from Catalyst 2011.  The notes blew me away because they applied to indifference and being alert and awake and aware to see God's hand in your circumstances.  Booyah! 

I  am encouraged...I am so thankful...I am, to and in the Lord.


marty h said...

I almost got weepy with this post just seeing God's hand in your life this year. I always hated the end of a year study as you bond so much with your group. Glad it has been such a ministering spirit for you this year.
Praying for you and looking forward to your presence back in choir soon. Hi from Cypress!

courtney said...

good stuff, mon. i miss you something fierce. we need a tbd.