Wednesday, May 23, 2012

An Overactive Imagination

After church on Sunday we had lunch with our friends Emily and David at the newly redone Bistro at the Nord.  I think the new name is BistroN.  Anyway, the food was good but the conversation and laughs were better.  You know how it is with good friends, the conversations are all over the place.  Roy and David were having a serious discussion and Emily and I were trying to catch up with each other while lending an ear to our husband's discussion.  David and I share the love of history and both of our spouses cannot understand how we can watch the History/Military channel so much and be mesmerized by the programs that we have seen over and over and over.  I don't watch the tank battle and new gun stuff, just the World War I and II things.  You know, if we don't learn from history, we make the same mistakes again.  Who is our modern Archduke Ferdindad?  I confessed I started watching history because I had to stop watching ID, Investigation Discovery, TV.  True crime shows sometimes complete with reenactments.  ID TV has a new commercial where the voice over says, if only I hadn't gotten into his car, if only I hadn't answered the phone, if only I had been on time...I would be alive.  AHHHHH....!  There were a couple of times that if only...commercial played through my brain while on the Biltmore trip.  One instance in particular was the morning we were leaving Chattanooga.  We were loading the car and a man smoking a ciggie leaned against a car watching us.  If only we hadn't left when we did...if only we had gone out for breakfast...  OK, nothing happened, we got into the car and proceeded with the rest of our journey, but I do think I was kind of rushing the loading of suitcases just a bit trying not to alarm Dena with my 'if only' thoughts. 

Fast forward to yesterday morning....after running errands I returned home to find a car parked cattywhomus close to our driveway.  Strange, no one usually parks there because of the fire hydrant.  Boom...ID TV...visions hit me.  Maybe someone is in our home,  Thus I proceed with caution with the every present voice over detailing all my movements running through my head.  First I turn off the alarm, why, I don't know, and proceeded to the courtyard with my phone in hand ready for the lighting quick 911 call I was obviously going to have to make.  Looked in the windows and walked around the side of the house and then returned to the garage satisfied the car had nothing to do with me.  Reluctantly, I closed the garage door and was met in the laundry room by Buddy. 

Later in the evening when I told Roy about this escapade, he told me our neighbors had weekend guests and the car probably belonged to one of them.  Yes, that makes that information.  Guess I wasn't paying attention to our neighbors this weekend.  Of course ID TV also has the program, The Neighbor Next Door. 

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marty h said...

I am just catching up on your blogs - I can't stop laughing - you are so funny! I guess I am glad we don't have cable so I am not temped to watch ID TV. thanks for the good laugh today!