Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Monday Now Tuesday

 at Target before going to my hair appointment for much needed highlights and haircut.  Then I met my friend Kathleen for lunch at Diego's Cantina.  The food was delicious and as always the conversation interesting and lively.  I came home totally zonked but much blonder.  The month of May is almost over scheduled but I look forward to getting away for a bit and then later in the month attending the graduation of my niece Erin from high school. 
I need to start writing down my ideas for the blog because when I actually sit down to write, of course they are gone.  Our weekend was rather uneventful and really that is just fine with me.  Saturday morning Roy and I did a later breakfast since he took Sequisha for a check up and oil change early in the morning.  We ate outside and it was wonderful.  And the tomato people were at the farmer's market which is always a huge score.  We got some for Peggy too and when we dropped them off .e stain off our fence as requested by the HOA.  He worked on that Saturday and Sunday evenings. 

Tomorrow I will start packing.  Since I am such a mood clothes wearer I have to guess what mood I will be in.  At least I don't take as many clothes as I used to because somewhere I got the idea of being someone totally different on a trip as compared to who I am at home.  Talking clothes wise here.  I'd pack outfits to wear between day and evening activities...like lounging pajamas.  Forget it!  At home I usually lounge around in whatever I had on and then changed right beforehand.  My biggest issue packing for this trip is, finding all my cargo type capris so I won't have to carry a purse with me everywhere I go. 

It is now Tuesday morning and I'm anticipating one of my favorite times of the day.  In a few minutes the rising of the sun will perfectly aligned with the window and the desk.  It will be so bright and if one is trying to get anything accomplished, it's difficult,  We are in our last week of Bible study in Revelation and last week we talked about not needing the sun or moon, night or day.  We couldn't even comprehend the brilliance of God on the new earth and the new Jerusalem.  So in a small way, I get to experience the brilliance of light from God's presence and this ain't nothing compared to what it will be like.  In a way I guess it is like looking at a map and studying it before taking a trip.  The map shows information on how to get to and get back from but once you are on the actually road you see the sights and things you'd never see just by looking at a map.  You experience the presence of the road.

Since I didn't water flowers last night, I better get outside and take care of that.  Well, as soon as the sun hits its spot.

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