Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What a Way to Celebrate, Nashville Style...Maybe That Should Be Brentwood Style

Home sweet home.  We got home Sunday around 5:45 pm.  We had left Franklin early, about 3:30 am.  We blew through Mississippi and I wasn't even on 5 Hour Energy.  In fact, for the most part I drove the speed limit.  I think what helped us time-wise was very little traffic even on I-10.  But we had a blast on our trip.  We left early on Wednesday morning and got all the way to Athens, AL.  We had our first dining experience at Ruby Tuesday while in Athens.  We also had about the worst complimentary breakfast ever in Athens AL. 

On Thursday we drove over to Amish Country  in Etheridge, TN.  The drive was beautiful.  We only stopped at one Amish home and bought Amish poison, a term coined by Dena and me ten years ago to describe the carob covered peanuts...addicting, peanut brittle, some forget me not lotion and a hand made broom.  Roy only took a few pictures because the Amish don't like their pictures taken. 

We headed toward Franklin and met up with the girls around 2:00.  Of course one of the first things we needed to take care of was a trip to the Nashville Nordstrom.  Ah, a beautiful experience.  We ate lunch at Pine and Sixth which is their Bistro.  The fries are just as good as home and they even offer sweet potato fries.  The four of us split up to do some shopping and then met up again.  Later that evening my brother Doug came by our hotel and we all went out to dinner.  Friday, Roy and I were left up to our own devices...which was good.  He and I had breakfast at J Christopher's and then headed over to Franklin.  The evening before Doug showed us some great antique stores, so we found them again and made several purchases.  We  walked around the town a bit and then ended our Franklin visit with a stop at a rare/hard to find/ bookstore.  In the Southern lit section, I almost had all the books they had.  Made me feel good about my first edition purchases I've made through the years.  Roy and I stopped at Chuy's for lunch and then headed back to the hotel because I needed a nap. 

Erin's graduation dessert party began at 6:00. Lots of yummy desserts! It was such a nice party and we got to meet and put faces with people we have heard about for years. Roy took a ton of pictures but I will only include several here. 

 I've been told that the hand on the waist is called the Brentwood pose. 

Erin's graduation was held on the Belmont University campus.  They did a good job of keeping the ceremony moving especially with a class of nearly 450. 

After the graduation ceremony and since we had worked up quite an appetite sitting there watching all those students walk across the stage, we went with some of Nancy's closest friends and family to lunch at Nero's.  Wow, awesome food.  Ask Roy about dessert. 


Susantwilhelm said...

Nancy -- thanks for sharing the pictures. I haven't seen Nancy in years and I must say, she is as beautiful as ever. The girls are just darling!

Susantwilhelm said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! I love seeing the pictures of the girls -- what lovely young ladies. Also great to see pics of Nancy -- she looks beautiful!