Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Time to Rest and a Time to Recoup

It is finished, the study is over.  Such a bitter sweet celebration today.  We had our core group time and then we all gathered in the church's great room for some wedding cake and coffee to celebrate the wedding supper of the Lamb.  Gena, our core group leader, even gave us wedding presents, a bracelet.  Such a special treat to have several women from the Messianic Jewish Church lead several from the study in traditional Jewish wedding dances.  It was quite fun to watch and enjoy.  Then came testimony or sharing time.  Loved hearing these ladies stories of what this study has meant to them and so many sharing how their core group had helped them through some rough times.  Amen to that.  There are always those who don't ever get much attention in life and this is a ready made stage for them to share numerous times  and sometimes even off the subject matter.  The leadership did such a great job with being gracious but firm when they wanted to talk a second or third time.  I don't think I have that kind of graciousness in me.  One lady in particular who wanted to share a lot was in our core group last year.  Every time I see her I think of how she shared with us at brunch one day how to castrate a pig.  You can't make this kind of thing up people. 

Afterwards, several of us from our group went to lunch at Hasta La Pasta.  It was delicious and the conversations fun.  We were hoping Peggy could join us but she didn't have enough time to be able to come on her lunch break.  She has just one more day of her long term subbing assignment. 

Tomorrow I am leaving for a few days away to relax and recharge.  My wardrobe consists of mainly denim...all day...all the time.  Heck, what color doesn't go with denim?  My Nook is full of new books and I'm even taking a real book or two.  This season of life has been physically rough on me but I feel firmly planted on the Rock.  Even today after lunch there was a call from a friend of my father who had an appointment with him and could not find him.  Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.  I had to explain the situation to the man why I didn't have a clue about my father's schedule or where abouts.  Then my dad showed up and I got off the phone with the man.  He told me on the back door of the house there are two letters, one to me and one to Roy.  I feel pretty sure they are there to inform us if we try to come into the house the locks have been changed and the alarm code changed as well.  Since we never made it a regular habit to go into his house when he was or wasn't home, not a problem.  Gee, I hope it all turns out well for that man.

Roy and Buddy will get to have a bonding experience while I am gone.  Buddy has seen the suitcase and she has been my little gray shadow for the past few days.  When I get back, I'll resume activities and things that I have left to the side while doing some emotional healing and just taking a short break and return to resume life in full stride.  This time has been so good and there has been much to learn.  I've also used the time to get several things off my to do list but mainly it has been a time of rest and adjusting slightly the parameters I need to live in to experience better health. 

Not taking a lap top so won't be posting on the blog, but you know I'll be on FB and Twitter from time to time.  Hopefully, I will remember to pack all the chargers. 


marty h said...

Have a great time and enjoy your R&R. Looking forward to seeing you singing lustily in choir.

courtney said...

lerve to you.