Thursday, July 12, 2012

After the Rain

Our water feature held!  It was one of those rainy days in Houston when bayous are being watched, reporters stand in the middle of the street to show how much rain has fallen and the waters are rising, and when programming is ditched in favor of reporting every little detail that can be found about the falling rain.  Guess they needed to make up for last summer when we were all praying for a  tropical system to deliver us from the drought and the extreme heat and the reporters didn't get to stand outside in the rain.  The past two days have been in the 70's and 80's...really in the middle of July.  That is a blessing.  Throughout the day I kept my eye on the water feature and the water was the highest I have ever seen it out here.  So if it is a retention pond, the water is receding and if it is a detention pond, the water is deceeding. 

If rain hadn't been such an issue today, I had planned on going to Luke's Locker.  So you know that involves doing more than the curistory leg know it required a going over like the day before you get a pedi.  Just because I took the extra time last night to do a job right, I should have guessed the end result today of cancelled plans.  That's ok, I have had so much fun reading today.  I kind of took a break from Solomon and the soon coming divided kingdom and headed back over to Abraham's story and concluded my reading with Jacob's or Israel's death.  Talk about some generational sin that got passed on to each  I was telling Roy last night at dinner about what I had written about the flawed usage of Song of Solomon being directed at women on how to please and stand by her man so that he would never leave or forsake her.  He gets tickled over these kinds of conversations we have from time to time.  I also brought up the usage of Ruth's declaration to her mother in law, Naomi, used in weddings.  You don't see it used much anymore in weddings but there for a time, maybe even before my time, couples always included that in their wedding services.  Nice thought, but it is a declaration to a mother in law, not a husband.  I think it would be funny during the vows and where this declaration would be used for both mothers of the bride and groom to go stand with the couple and the groom could say this to his mother in law and the bride could say this to her mother in law.  Seems to me that would be biblically correct in how the passage should really be used. 

Last night we went back to Alica's for dinner.  It has been a couple of weeks since we went and all the kinks have been worked out.  I ordered the shrimp cocktail and really was disappointed with it.  At first when the waitress brought it to the table I thought she had mistakenly brought over a Bloody Mary.  Let's just say lots of red sauce, very little shrimp.  Guess I had shrimp capachana in mind like at Goode Company Seafood.  I do love the salsa there,  Red sauce kind of like Molina's and the green sauce, well it's just so good. 

Later this evening I am gong out back to the flowerbed and cut a few flowers to bring into the house.  I never ever thought I would have a cut flower garden.  We moved the bird feeder to the side yard and it was a good move.  Now Buddy is entertained for hours on end watching the birds come and go. 

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