Monday, July 16, 2012

Normal Monday Ramblings in No Specific Order

Once again our area dodged the lightning and thunder of late afternoon storms.  Oh yes, it got pretty dark and the wind picked up something fierce and we did get a little rain but everything went to the east of us.  Roy drove home through some of the worst of it but has now gone walking because it doesn't feel like a summer night in Texas with all this rain cooled air.  I have joined him the past few evenings on part of a walk.  He goes way too far and way too fast for me these days.  So, I wait and join him as he does the cool down portion of his walk.  I am trying to slowly but surely get myself into good walking condition for the Israel trip I am going to go on in December.  Yes, defiantly a slow process but hey, I am happy for process.

On Friday I stopped in at Luke's Locker to get a proper pair of walking shoes.  Even after all the years of tennis and working out, I can still be swayed by what the shoes look like over the functionality and best fit for my style.  I am an over supinator and I already knew that.  It was a great shopping experience.I am really happy with the shoes and so on Saturday morning, we made a return trip for Roy to find some walking shoes.  He has been overdue on getting some for a while.  He is wearing a Mizuno shoe, which I am familiar with because that is what I wore all the many years I played volleyball.  He is quite happy with them. 

There are several baby birds at the feeder today.  It is really interesting to watch the dynamics of bird life.  I now understand the term bird brain.  Love watching the mockingbirds and the doves but those doves aren't the brightest bulb in the bunch.  Buddy has a great view of the birds now and spends a greater portion of the morning taking in the sights and then she has that all too pressing nap on the agenda. 

I like social media, but I think people are confusing Twitter for texting.  Love the Bible verses and quotes.  Love the thoughts and pictures but when people are having extended conversations that really no one else is invited to participate in, it is really a texting situation.  Twitter is fun but at times it feels like I am back in junior high, because really there are Twitter cliques.  There are people who only re tweet or reply to "popular" and well known names.  They are really, really trying to get noticed and get a little attention and every once in a while you see that someone throws them a bone...but not too often.  Please don't misunderstand, I'm not wanting to get into the popular group.  I don't tweet enough to even really qualify to be a card carrying member of Twitter.  This is just something I noticed the past week.

Roy and I had leftovers from last night's grilling extravaganza.  We bought the grill last year at the end of summer sale.  Since the propane tank was in the garage and the grill out back, there wasn't a whole lot of grilling going on.  So, Roy asked me last week if I would like him to do a trial run and make hamburgers.  Of course!  They were delicious last night and the leftovers were pretty dang good tonight. 

I am almost finished reading through the Old Testament, with the exception of the major and minor prophets, although I have read portions of them as supplemental reading to the other books.  And because I don't always do things the right way, I have kind of had a different type reading plan.  I read Genesis and Exodus last instead of beginning with them.  I've been underlining a lot of verses and they have been speaking specifically to life and the season I'm in right now.  I've also been using the handy dandy Holy Land book that Roy found at Mardel's when I had given up after only a few seconds of looking on the shelves. 

Well, I better put on my shoes and socks I'll be out and about walking with Roy in a few minutes. 

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