Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stuff I Did, Stuff to Do

Ah weekends, they go by quickly.  Yes, even for someone who is home the other days of the week.  Thursday evening was Girl's Night Out in Katy.  It was a lot of fun and well attended.  Dena and I met for dinner at Alicia's and then headed over the freeway to old town Katy.  Our first stop was the Cottage Door.  They always have such fun stuff and among the fun stuff were earrings that needed to come home with me.  Then we ventured to Bill's store KT Antiques.  I found another Monarch Tea tin to add to our Monarch collection.  Three things is a collection, right?  Our last stop was Excessories and they had a buy one get one free thing going and Dena and I left with a couple of cute tops.  Every time you bought something, you filled out a card for the give a ways.  Dena actually won one of the goody bags.  After I dropped Dena off at her car, I went on over to Peggy's to watch the sunset from the dock.  It was lovely as always.

Friday was a total outsource of beauty kind of day.  I started off getting a pedicure.  So relaxing and needed.  Then I headed over for my appointment to get highlights and a haircut.   There was a little more than an hour before my appointment so I made a stop at Nord Rack.  Found several things for Roy and then I made a quick pop in to Whole Foods.  I don't usually book Friday appointments but Stevie needed to move mine and so Roy and I shared about 40 minutes sitting side by side in the salon.  His appointment was at 2:00 and he was treated to the lovely vision of me with aluminum foil in my hair and groucho marx eyebrows, since we were coloring them too.  It was a race out of the door to get home, freshen up and leave for church.  Traffic was bad and the a mini van impeded my progress significantly.  Got home, picked up Roy and we headed out the door.  We needed to grab a snack before the evening's performance of SWOC.  We were fortunate because Jenny saved us some seats and so we had a good view of the children's musical, which by the way was awesome!  Afterwards we were all going to go to dinner and after a long wait at Collina's, most of the Bain clan went to Beck's while Roy, Dena and I stayed at Collina's for dinner.  With three there was immediate seating.  It has been quite some time since we have had their pizza and it is so good. 

Saturday, I rested most of the day because Friday had just about taken every ounce of energy I had.  Roy went to his Saturday morning Bible study and then ran some errands.  We also uncrated a new side table that had been delivered and tried it in several spots and I don't think it is in its final place.  I will feel like moving furniture after I get my heart shocked back into rhythm.  Saturday evening we joined friends on Lake Bain for dinner and a wonderful water show provided by raft riders. 

 Sunday morning was church, along with the adventure of garage door closure.  We went to lunch and ran into a group of friends.  So fun!  Then we headed out to the prairie and I took such a nap.  With our evenings last week being kind of busy, I kind of let all my gardening flounder.  So, I dead headed plants and watered them last night.  It didn't really cool off too much so it was hot and humid work. 

With the exception of the cardioversion blip this week, it will be a quiet, unstructured, and hopefully restful week.  Cause once the old ticker gets back to normal, I've got some stuff to do.

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