Saturday, July 7, 2012

Early in the Morning, Middle of the Night Suburban Happenings

I've written before about middle of the night escapades when Roy is not fully awake or functioning.  Well, we had one of those rip roaring times last night.  Yesterday afternoon my heart went out of rhythm.  It has been awhile since this has happened and it was not getting any better by the time we finally decided to hit the bed.  I had forgotten how annoying it is to have your heart beating an elevated beat and how the whole thing just wears you out.  I was so tired but I couldn't fall asleep.  Partly it was due to the dramatic, good beat, easy to dance to out of sync beat and yet trying to decide if it was bad enough to wake up Roy to call an ambulance or take me to the ER.  Since I wasn't experiencing the very memorable side effects from before, I fitfully tried to get comfortable and fall asleep.  I would just be dozing off, finally and Buddy hits the bed and wants to sleep on my arm.  Some nights she is persistent with the meows and the pawing of my face and other nights she gives up and goes to sleep at the end of our bed.  My friends, it was a persistent night.  Then I think about the cat in the nursing home who would sleep on the bed of the next person who is going to die and that gets me a tab distressed.   She was making me so hot!  Not in that good Hot way of the church...i.e.  Male staff members who are in the habit of reminding us all they are married to a smoking hot wife.  Now that I think about it maybe it is a prayer request because the staff member's wife smokes?  But I digress...So Buddy on my arm was making me fitful.  Also it seemed like the Spanish hour on KHCB was getting louder and louder...and because Buddy was on my right arm and restricting my movement to  turn the radio down, I had to listen to the music and this telephone ring thing they do almost every night.  Meanwhile Roy is blissfully sleeping, nary a snore can be heard.  Sometimes that freaks me out because he almost always snores and when there are those nights of snore silence which makes the radio seem much louder because I use it to drown out the snore, that I freak out and think maybe something is wrong with Roy so I ask him, are you all right?  (Love me a run on sentence!  Miss Beatty tried unsuccessfully to break that bad habit.  But really, some sentences just need to go on without a break.)  Roy responds yes and all is well.  Well, except it wasn't last night because I had that Janet Jackson, give me a beat, thing going on.  The light sleepless night continues, Buddy leaves, Buddy comes back.  Just as I was falling into a deep sleep finally, I hear Roy yell...AHHHHHHH!!!!!  I turn to see what's the matter and at the very same moment Buddy has decided to return but returning via Roy's side of the bed.  Roy's feet start kicking and in my less than perfect vision without my glasses I believe he has kicked poor Buddy into the foot board.  I wanted to know what was wrong and Roy said you turned and took all the covers and I was cold, so I yelled because I was really, really cold!  Thinking back, I wonder if that would have fit in with Jesus telling us that when we gave someone a cup of cold water, we had given it to Him, you know to the least of these...and I didn't want that to be written by my name in the Lamb's Book of Life that I stole covers from the Lord.  Then I start thinking, why does one kick their legs if they are cold?  ...Sorry racing heart seems to lend itself to racing brain bending ADD.  So, Roy's good, but what about Buddy?  We can't find her anywhere and in the middle of the night, not having slept well, I think we should get up and look for her.  It's oh, about 3:15 am.  We look everywhere and we cannot find her and my mind already sees her gone off to die from a broken neck.  Roy employees flashlight usage and he finally spots her under the bed and yes she is moving and doesn't look any worse for the wear.  Roy and I climb back into bed and it is at this moment I say something so know Roy, you need to be more awake in the middle of the night. 

For sure, I could not toss and turn anymore and decided to get up and read to get sleepy again.  I have been reading through the Old Testament, so nothing like a half brother raping his sister and then the brother of the sister waiting two years to kill the half brother, which led to an uprising and lots of Old Testament drama that results in King David lamenting, oh Absalom, Absalom, my son, my son....which reminds me of Falkner, who I find very difficult to read.  Buddy joins me and stays with me till I read through Solomon's building the temple.   Finally, I drifted back to the bedroom, fell asleep, slept in and have been taking it easy today because my heart still is irregular but I am feeling a little better.  Now Roy, he had to get up because on Saturday mornings he goes to a men's Bible study at the Episcopal church.  It is a hearty breakfast and hearty Bible study.  They are in the book of Romans.  They start at 7:00 am and it is well attended.  They take turns cooking breakfast there at the church and the rule is no wimpy breakfasts...they've got to be good.  I am feeling a little pressure because Roy's turn will be coming up and somehow I don't think a banana and instant oatmeal will cut it. 

So there you have it, early in the morning in the middle of the night....Who said suburban life is boring? 

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marty h said...

I am tired just reading about that night -whew!