Sunday, July 15, 2012

Real Alarm, Real Rain, Real Nap, Real Good Dinner


This morning our Pastor concluded his series on Real Life Real People.  Kind of reminds me of A&E's theme this season, Real Life Real Drama.  No matter, it is all REAL!  Today's topic, rest.  It reminded me from that long ago small town drama and life show, The Andy Griffith Show when a visiting preacher comes to town and preaches on slowing down. 

The Andy Griffith Show Episode 100: Sermon for Today

Originally Aired on Oct 21, 1963. Average User Rating: 6.1 out of 10 (398 entries).

A visiting minister from New York delivers a sermon encouraging the members of the Mayberry congregation to "slow down." Those who are still awake take the message so seriously they spend the Sabbath working themselves to exhaustion in order to arrange a concert in an effort to relax.

Believe me, this afternoon I came home and rested.  You see our day started out early.  We woke up early, we were ready early and heading out the door to church, early.  Seemed good until we tried to get the garage door to close.  It would not.  It would move a few inches down and then go right back up.  Roy got out of the car, gave it the manly "he man" look over, kind of shook the tracks and banged on the door a tad, then pushed the button.  Nothing, absolutely nothing.  While he is doing this I think, oh, I need to turn off the alarm because when he goes through the side door of the garage, if and when the door closes, it will need to be off so it won't be set off.  I push the remote and think the job is done.  Finally, the door goes down, I turn the alarm back on and we are down the road.  We hadn't gotten too far when my cell phone rings.  Don't recognize the number, so we don't answer it.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I am thinking, the area code seems to be from the location of where our alarm service is.  No, Roy assures me that it isn't but we turn around and go home just to check on the house.  We don't hear an alarm, all looks well and we head out again to go to church.  Only now, we are going to be late.  We got to church, went to the service and Sunday School.  After Sunday School we got the heck out of Dodge because the sky was dark, lightning lit the sky and rain, heavy rain was immanent.  We just got on the freeway when the heavens opened.  I was so glad we decided to use the toll road because you could barely see anything and we only had to deal with two lanes instead of all the other lanes.  After such a severe drought last year, we all have forgotten how to drive in rain. 

When we came inside the house I looked over at the phone and saw that the same number had called here that had also called on my cell phone.  We knew then we had done something with the alarm.  Roy called them and sure enough they had sent a deputy to our home.  We get a couple of false alarms before they charge us.  I am sure all our neighbors who don't go to church loved hearing our alarm.  Maybe we should have been there to invite them to church since they were already awake. 

So, after lunch, I had to take a nap.  Rest is good and a nap is the best!  For dinner Roy used the grill for the first time.  We had hamburgers with homegrown tomatoes and onions.  Ah, a restful Sunday.  Love it!

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