Monday, July 30, 2012

Recapping the Recaps

On this beautiful Monday morning it seems like everything I've read this morning is telling me to eat more chickin.  I love Chik-fil-A but not because of the chicken.  It has to more with waffle fries and signature shakes and because of the high caloric content of both of those items, I rarely find myself at Chicky.  That's another thing, Chick-fil-A is another word on my list of words I pretty much always misspell.  Hmm...better spell check misspell.  Chicky is for fast stops on road trips or comfort food for hospital waiting rooms.  So this whole paragraph is not in relation to politics or free speech, it is more of a I don't really eat chicken too much kind of thing.  Only variation would be fried chicken legs.  Love those but again high caloric count, so I don't take part too often.  Oh sweet memories of Granny's Chicken Palace at Lake Juneska and my grandmother's fried chicken and her hot homemade rolls. 

This is unbelievable!  For the third Sunday in a row our garage door will not go down.  The garage door people came on Friday and found nothing wrong with the door.  Then repairman told Roy," the devil doesn't want you to go to church" that's what is wrong with your door.  Each week it is something different that finally works for the door to come on down.  I'm thinking next Sunday morning I am going to walk around the garage 7 times just like Jericho except I don't want the walls to come a tumbling down, just the door to know just like it does every other day of the week.  Maybe we will leave Sequisha out on the driveway on Saturday night instead. 

Hate to admit it but I am mostly watching recaps of Olympic moments.  I don't want to find myself glued to the TV everyday for two weeks.  Even though I usually don't watch too much TV, there are some shows and channels that get my attention.  I had to stop watching so much Investigative Discovery TV because I was scaring myself silly and now I find myself watching The Military Chanel only if they are running for the 1000ith time shows concerning WWII.  Roy and I love watching Cajun Justice and Cajun Pawn Stars and I still watch Toddlers and Tiaras and Dance Moms, but not so much because all the arguments and backhanded behavior gets old.  Oh and talk of spray tans, flippers, acrylic nails and the complete total package and all this is in regards to a three year old.  So in the spirit of the Olympics I have deducted a tenth of a point from my total score because I haven't unloaded the dishwasher in a timely manner and I just now got around to feeding the birds.  The only qualifying heat going on around here is the temperature. 

Yesterday after church we met Dena for lunch.  Oh my, we laughed so hard but not so hard that anything like ice tea or Diet Coke came out of our noses.  Then Roy and I stopped at Barnes and Noble on our way home.  I was checking to see if the batteries can be replaced in Nooks.  Mine isn't holding a charge like it once did.  I found myself in the travel essay bookshelves after finding out that no, batteries are not replaceable.  I love a good travel essay and brought two books home one about traveling with friends and the other about a trip to Paris.  There are a million and two books on Paris but this one looked a little different that the others. 

Speaking of travel, the down jacket I ordered came on Friday.  I bought it because it is cute but more so for traveling because this thing can be folded up and put into a small carrying bag that came with the jacket.  Think this will be perfect for the Israel/Rome trip. 

I just deducted another tenth of a point from my total Olympic score for taking too much time to write this little post.  I will have to make that deduction up in the laundry portion of my program. 


marty h said...

I have to deduct points also for reading your blog instead of getting on with housecleaning! Can I blame you for being a bad influence? I do love a Monablog post though!

Nancy Mon said...

Good thing we didn't have to deducts points last week to stop and listen to Mary Did You Know. Thanks for the call on the 25th. Cracked me up.

marty h said...

I knew you'd hate missing your favorite - Christmas season has started extra early for you this year!