Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday but it Feels Like Monday

It's Thursday, but it sure feels like a Monday all over again.  Of course yesterday felt like a Saturday because it was a holiday.  Belated Happy 4th!  Hope everyone had fun.  We did and we took the day at a very easy pace.  We had lunch at Spring Creek Barbecue.  Roy had never eaten there and I think he liked it.  I like having different choices of sides other than the usual slaw, potato salad and beans options.  We had a couple of projects on the to do list and we barely got one done.  Roy worked on photos and I read.  We watched Yankee Doodle Dandy on TCM.  I love to watch Jimmy Cagney dance.  We had talked about going to one of the firework displays out here but decided against going and I am so glad we did.  We had a panorama of firework displays all around us.  We went out front over towards the green space and could turn in any direction and see wonderful neighborhood displays.  Whoever did the fireworks over by Spring Lake did an almost professional job.  So now today schedule back to normal but it sure feels like Monday. 

Tuesday Gena, Kathleen, Peggy and I got together for lunch at Lupe's.  We got there when they opened and nearly closed down with them after the lunch rush.  It was great catching up.  I ran a couple of errands afterwards and then came home.  Not too much after that Roy got home because the offices closed early for the holiday.  Very nice!  Roy and I went out for dinner and I chose Cracker Barrel.  To tell you the truth CB is a travel option not an option around home but I was craving a plate of veggies and well biscuits aren't a bad add in either.  After dinner Roy and I went to Mardel's and he found some great books for me to read and "study up" on the Holy Land.  I glanced at the shelf and proclaimed, nothing here but Roy did some digging around and of course struck gold. 

Target is doing some very smart marketing.  They are getting ready for the next season, not Christmas like Hobby Lobby but the start of school.  They have the school supply section up and almost completely stocked.  Moms with kids stood wistfully as they gazed upon supplies and dreamed of the day that seems so far off here in the first part of July.  Some were threatening kids with going back to school.  I went through the area just because I love the thought of notebooks, pens, pencils and erasers. 

We have a new retail strip center being built close to us and the first sign went up.  We know there will be a Shipley's and pizza place.  Roy told me the nail salon sign was up and when I drove by there today, I saw the sign.  Not nail salon at least for people, it was Natural Pawz.  Somehow, animals must be involved. 

Abel and his crew have come and gone.  Roy should be getting home soon and we will have dinner, at home but not like prepared and made from scratch dinner.  Tomorrow is Friday but will it feel like Tuesday?

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