Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ain't No Cure for Summer Time Olympic Fever

We have Olympic Fever here.  I didn't think we would catch it, but the hype and Twitter made it simply irresistible.  (80's song flashback)  I am so glad I knew the outcome while I was watching because I might not have ever fallen asleep last night.  During the commercials I did predustination preparing for Chris coming tomorrow and cleaning the house.  If predustination were an Olympic event, I believe I might have taken the gold.  The difficulty of the couch dismount and with only a few deductions for style is why I believe I could have been awarded the gold.  The casualties of Olympic Fever are the flowers outdoors.  I really need to dead head them and do a soaking for the plants.  Buddy must have Olympic bird watching fever because she is still asleep at the end of our bed.  She is missing some great bird activity this morning.  Roy dropped out of Olympic coverage around 10:15 but I stayed up.  Partly staying up was due to the fact I took my meds rather late and they needed some time to kick in.  In order to get the adrenaline back into normal ranges I flipped between late night recaps and World at War.  World at War probably wasn't the best choice because of the victory factor of winning the war and that is what was on late last night...the end of WWII. 

Another factor that might have led to restlessness last night is from the Shipley Donuts Roy brought home.  He was on his way to the gym and he saw people in the new Shipley out here in Rancho de Five.  He stopped in only to find out they were getting all the new employees up to speed and are hoping for an opening on Friday.  They gave him two donuts and he brought them home and then went on his way to the gym.  Oh my it has been sometime since I have had a Shipley's even with the plethora available on Sunday mornings. 

Roy has become the grill master.  He is grilling great burgers, chicken, veggie kabobs, a small little steak for me, and last night turkey sausage.  I think he enjoys grilling as much as I am enjoying him grilling.  Sides are a quick fix and don't zap the energy to prepare like other stuff, so I guess I am becoming the side mistress.   

Yesterday, Roy had a lawn treatment guy come out and check the brown spots in our grass.  We didn't know if it was fungus or cinch bugs.  Well, it was neither nor.  Our yard guys are cutting the grass a little too close so says the lawn treatment guy.  He'll be back next Tuesday for our first lawn treatment.  He does seven a year.  Maintenance whether it be home, yard or body comes with a high price but the irony is, it comes at a higher price if things aren't properly taken care of. 

I continue with my Bible reading and yesterday I finished up II Chronicles and went on to parts of  Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther and finished up reading the Song of Songs.  That girl in Song of Songs runs around a lot looking for Solomon, thinking she has lost him.  Then he comes knocking at her door and she doesn't let him in, so he leaves, then she leaves to look for him, again, and gets beat up by the watchmen on the tower.  Then that chorus that follows her around isn't exactly encouraging.  Girl may have found love, but it's messing her up something fierce.  Contrast to Esther and she gets a year's worth of salon and spa appointments and she is dressing up in the finest designer clothes, she has maids and someone watching out for her. She even has someone who cooks and helps her to eat healthy.  I find it much easier to eat healthy if you have help.  Healthy eating takes a lot of prep work.  Then comes her turn to see the king, boom, crown on her head...she's the queen.  I think I like biblical option number 2 better.  I was telling this to Roy last night and he said but Esther still competed with concubines and I told him so did SOS girl, but Esther got the crown, got to live in a palace and continued spa treatments.  Another thing I noticed yesterday in Ezra, there at the end when names are named for men marrying the women of the land and had to repent...only one singer was named but there were scads of others.  Like it that only one singer had disobeyed.  There is something to singing and worshipping God that guards the heart.  Oh, for those who don't really know me and are reading maybe for the first time, I like finding ironic things in the Bible and doing comparisons.  I'm not a biblical scholar, that is obvious, and I tend to the humorous side of life.  It's kind of like the time when I was a child that my mom asked me, 'who do you think you are, the Queen of Sheba?'  I didn't know this Queen of Sheba, so I looked at Encyclopedias and the Bible and came back to my mom with the answer of, 'who wouldn't want to be the Queen of Sheba?'  I got in trouble for sass instead of being rewarded for looking up subject matter that I knew nothing about.  For goodness sake, I used the encyclopedias that my dad thought we didn't use and would bring them up whenever we asked for something.  "I bought those encyclopedias for you all and I never see you read them."  Maybe because when I read them, you were at work dad?  Thankfully, I kept that thought to myself. 

I am anxious to hear from my Cardiologist when I can cut back on the meds that eat me alive and take my lunch money.  There have been a couple of episodes this week where my heart is struggling to go out of rhythm.  This stuff slows me down even more than the other stuff I take.  I'm just so thankful for a regular beat and to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the Living. 


marty h said...

I love your blog. I always can chuckle and leave with a smile on my face. Why wouldn't anyone want to be the Queen of Sheba!!! Thanks Nancy for sharing your writing skill with us.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Just sent you an email.....The sports lover I am, I cannot get into the Olympics. Looking forward to meeting you