Saturday, August 18, 2012

Revenge on the Mini Vans and Other Burb Happenings

The sun is peeping through the clouds out here on the prairie.  There is a chance of rain today and we welcome rain's return.  We did get some rain yesterday but I am getting ahead of my story.  Roy took yesterday off.  We began the day with a great breakfast from Pecan Grille, fashioned after Buffalo Grille by some former employees of BG.  There is a Kroger in the same shopping center as PG and we had to do a Kroger run because this Kroger carries Dr Pepper Bold in six pack bottles.  Roy loves Dr Pepper Bold.  We had an uneventful drive home that is until we got to the intersection of Westheimer Pkwy and Cinco Ranch.  Some kind of incident happened but not to sure what.  There were no wrecked cars but we did see someone being put on a stretcher.  Isn't it good how the best in people come out in a traffic stand still, she said sarcastically.  A sheriff po po was in front of me and couldn't even get up to the accident.  She had to get out of the car, leave her flashing lights on and go to the incident by foot.  Begrudgingly, a small car let me into the right lane to get around the po po or should that be the sher sher.  Anyway, I needed to get back into the left lane and it didn't take us too long to realize we would never make it back into the lane.  And that is when I saw my opportunity.  Not only an opportunity to get back in the lane but to score a retaliation to mini vans in kind.  My arch nemesis are mini vans and if you are one of my friends that drives one, I won't hold it against you.  Of course this lady driving the mini van but somewhere deep inside her psyche thinks she drives a bus had left a Sequisha and a half distance between her bus, I mean mini van and the car in front of her.  So I did it.  I pulled in front of her and let's just say she was not happy about it at all.  You see I drive a SUV like it is a sports car.  Granted if someone did that to me I would be mad but to insure calmness, I would have never left that huge opening between me and the car in front.  Bahahaha...revenge for the mini van that stole my parking spot two weeks ago!  I was really kind of surprised that she didn't walk up to the side of the car and yell at me but she did take the opportunity when traffic began moving to pull alongside for a brief minute, shake her fist at me as she was saying words that I chose to interpret as encouragement.  Her friend in the passenger seat was waving her arms and I believe she was also shouting out encouragement to me.  I shrugged my shoulders and made the universal gesture we all learned in childhood that says, what did I do?  This is why I cannot have a Christian bumper sticker or Jesus fish on my car.  I have matured in my driving ways but every once in a while, I do something that I'd rather not bring shame to the name of Christ.  Only the good name of Nordstrom was besmerched since I have one of those license plate holders that says I'd Rather Be Shopping at Nordstrom. 
Some where in the DNA chain in our family is the propensity to seeing all kinds of conspiracies.  I fight against it on a regular basis and have seen a change by the grace of God that this type of thinking is not my first option now, but deeply recessed in me, a good conspiracy can come forth from time to time.  I jokingly said to Roy, I am sure word has gone out to the mini van community and they will be out for us all day as we do errands.  It did seem like there was a little more harassment from mini vans yesterday, but I think those harassments were imagined.  Now that I think about it, mini vans are probably behind our garage door hassles on Sunday mornings!

Since Roy was with me I did some errands I have been putting off knowing I would need an extra set of hands to help with some lifting and carrying.  So new to us now; a six foot ladder, several raised flowerbeds, rolling storage rack and several bags of cleaning supplies.  If the world was slightly askew yesterday it is because we went into a Jo Ann's fabric store.  I am so totally out of my element in there.  We grabbed a late lunch at Spring Creek Bar B Que and there were a few drops of rain as we went in.  When we left a major downpour was going on.  The rain was constant on our trip home.  Knowing how rain patterns are, I mentioned to Roy that probably it wasn't even raining at our home.  I almost was correct.  We did not have the hard rain like everyone else but we are so thankful for the rain that fell. 

When we got everything put up we both were worn out from being out and about most of the day.  I did the short power nap thing and Roy relaxed and caught up with shows he has DVRed.  A quiet evening at home was welcomed.  We ordered my birthday bird bath online since neither Lowe's or Home Depot had what I was looking for and I got an inspired thought of rearranging furniture which we just might do today.  We ended our fun day watching a mini marathon of Cajun Justice.  We LOVE that show and after watching the show Roy would love another opportunity to go back to the Houma office.  That trip isn't looking likely. 

The birds, at least the smarter birds are enjoying the better bird feeder we brought home yesterday.  Buddy is on bird watching duty this morning.  I think I will go join her. 

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