Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Compelling Stories and Other Tuesday Stuff

Another exciting day here on the prairie as I wait for the lawn service guy to come and treat our yard.  At his inspection last week he determined that our backyard needed to be watered a little more.  So thankful for the inch of rain we had on Sunday that has helped our yard and flowers and actually, me.  I've been a tad remiss in taking care of the flowers and such with the Olympics on and having a few more social nights. 

Jason Swiggart spoke on Sunday morning.  Members of our staff are filling in while our pastor is on sabbatical.  This is the best I have ever heard Jason and believe me I got to hear him a lot since I was his ministries associate for six years.  Those on the leadership team get to take a sabbatical every seven years and Jason just came back from his.  I remember his first sabbatical really well because he came back a changed man.  He came back focused and with a plan but more compelling were the changes in how he worshipped and obeyed the Lord.  And the changes and rebuilding that began on that first sabbatical stuck. 

Sunday afternoon we had a nice surprise.  Emily and David were out here in the Rancho de Five and wanted to know if we would like to meet for dinner?  They came by the house first and after lots of laughs and conversation we chose Black Walnut Cafe as our dinning option.  Love their grilled cheese and tomato soup. 

Last night was "not bunko night."  We've become a Phase 10 group.  Last night our gathering was at CourtneyS and when not bunko is at CourtneyS, you know that pure deliciousness is included in the evening activities.  Girl can cook.can bake.sets a beautiful table.  We had her famous biscuits and bacon last night.  Yum!  It was great catching up with everyone because I had to miss our last gathering and we took off meeting in July. 

Olympic fever or fervor creates an unusual interest and excitability in sports we don't even think about until another Olympics rolls around.  For sure if I was invited to go watch a swim meet or a diving competition, I'd have to use the oldest excuse in the book...I've got to wash my hair that night.  I might be persuaded to go to a track and field event but probably not.  But if it is a sport in the Olympics, we are glued to the TV or have our DVRs set to catch all the action.  We sit through and some cry through past Olympic montages.  We remember what that one foot stick the landing did to all of us in 1996 and how it inspired us to always stick the landing no matter what in life.  Then smile and raise our arms in victory, then fall to the mat and wait for help.  Well, maybe that last stuff we weren't supposed to be inspired by.  Such compelling stories of overcoming adversity or years of sacrifice for that one Olympic Sized Moment.  I think of friends whose stories of life are just as compelling or maybe even more compelling because their hard work and sacrifice is not for one Olympic moment or two but for survival and day to day existence and they get through each day not by sheer will and determination, but knowing they totally have to depend on the strength of the Lord.

This is totally off subject, not that there is any one theme in this post but I wonder how you become and ite or an ian or a ion or stine?  This is in reference to people and tribes in the Bible.  There were Jebusites, Amalakites, Hittities...etc...there are Assyrians, Egyptians...Babylonians and Philistines.  What determines the ending of names? 

Tomorrow we will celebrate our first anniversary of moving into our house.  I cannot believe it has been a year!   We have celebrated and had fun in our new home and we've walked some hard days of my mom's illness and passing.  She never got to see our home not because I didn't invite them but because my invite was turned down.  So many times when I have plant and gardening questions I wish she could be reached by a quick phone call.  She would have loved sitting on our patio and enjoying the evening breeze that seems to be a constant out here in prairie land.   Roy and I still have projects to do around here but we are working through the list.  Last week I finally bought a small refrigerator for the casita bedroom.  Now I need to get a trundle mattress and coffee maker to complete the room. 

I could end by telling you my compelling story of how I will overcome obstacles to go grocery shopping later today, but I'll leave compelling stories to the professionals.  Well at least for now. 

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marty h said...

You will have to ask Josh the linguist the ite, ian,... question. You and the Farra's should have come to the Harper Kitchen for grilled cheese and tomato soup. Before we got married, Johnny thought that was the only thing I could cook :) See ya tonight.