Monday, August 6, 2012

A Very Happy %* Birthday

This had to be one of the best birthdays ever!  It was a weekend long celebration and as most readers know, I love the extendomatic birthday.  The celebration story begins in June for me but in actuality the story has its beginnings in March because that is when Dena purchased tickets for The Lion King.  At the end of June she asked me to save the date August 2 and she really wanted to tell me then but, she's so good, she waited to tell me what the save the date was all about in July.  To say I was blown away is an understatement!  And not only were we going to The Lion King but I got to pick two people to come with us.  Of course I gave Roy the first right of refusal, which he graciously refused in order for me to ask friends.  I invited Peggy and Emily.  Neither Dena nor I had ever seen The Lion King and we were not disappointed.  I think I could go back and see that production several more times. 

So on Thursday afternoon Dena came over and we picked up Peggy and headed over to Vincent's for dinner.  Emily met us there.  We got to the Hobby Center in plenty of time to take pictures and buy souvenirs.  Oh yes, and the most important, pre show potty stop.  We had great seats, both in the bathroom and the show.  I realized I couldn't just say we had great seats right after talking about a bathroom stop...the seats at the show were even better.  We could see everything and be totally amazed by the creativity.  Yep, I am going to give it an amazing, amazing rating because it truly was.  Out of that sell out crowd, we ran into friends from long ago choir days, Angel and Lou.  Great catching up and seeing Angel's daughter and granddaughters.  Peggy saw other friends she knows.  I think Peggy sees friends wherever she goes be it play or grocery store or Target....

 We show that we're grrrrreat by sporting Lion King shirts.

Dena, Peggy and I headed for the prairie.  Dena spent the night in the luxurious guest bedroom...:) which Buddy happily shared.  Although I think Buddy has a hands off policy on anyone besides her moving sheep from that room.  We stayed up and watched Olympic recaps.  The next morning, early, like around 5:45 am Roy calls and excitedly relays the word, Shipley's has officially opened.  He had bought some donuts and if I would meet him at the front door, he would bring them back before heading out to the office.  I have to be honest, at first I was not thrilled about the early morning call and really couldn't believe that the man who doesn't eat donuts would be so thrilled about Shipley's.  It wasn't that he was thrilled, he was being thoughtful because he knew Dena and I had stayed up late and he didn't think we would be able to actually do our plans of going out for breakfast before our mani/pedi appointment.  He was right.  We were able to ease into the morning and to get to our appointment early.  After the treat of the salon, we headed over to Las Almades for lunch.  The same waiter served us that had several months ago when Peggy, Dena and I went there for dinner.  He remembered the flauta off the menu request.  Great lunch.  Since time was growing short we only shopped at Home Goods.  Of course my arch nemesis, the mini van, stole my parking place that I had been waiting on.  It really made me mad and I was going to just pull behind her and sit.  Then when we saw that she went into Home Goods, I was going to run into her with a cart, accidentally.  No, we could just stand near her and talk about the stinking mini van driver that KNEW she took my parking place.  I was about to go say something when I heard that still small voice speak into my spirit, What are you doing?  Stop this nonsense right now!   So I did and happily continued shopping and both Dena and I found things we needed to purchase. 

We came home and had delicious birthday cake. 

Saturday afternoon we met Emily and David at Taste of Texas.  We did the senior adult go eat at 4:00 thing.  You really have to there.  It was fun and the food delicious. 

Thank you all for the cards in the mail and the Facebook birthday wishes.  That really made my day.  So, I am looking forward to this next year another year older, maybe not wiser but most certainly blessed by a wonderful husband and the best friends anyone could ever ask for.  

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marty h said...

I have the most temptation to take revenge on things car related too. Proud of you for listening to the still small voice. Every once in a while I can hear it too! Love you birthday girl. We February girls have learned to celebrate our whole month.