Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wow! What a Weekend!

This was a fun-filled busy weekend.  I knew it would be crazy busy and believe me I made sure rest was incorporated in between activities.  Friday evening Peggy and I met Emily for dinner before Christmas Choir Camp.  We were talking and laughing and didn't even see Dena come in for her to go order.  She came over to say hi and we persuaded her to stay and eat her to go with us.  Great laughs were had all around the table.  Christmas Choir Camp was fabulous.  Loved all the music we sang and began to learn.  I knew if I wanted to sing Sunday morning, I would need to be absent from Saturday's camp because our friend Debbie had invited several friends who just happen to have birthdays in August to tea at the St Regis Hotel Saturday afternoon.  It was awesome!  No, it was amazing!  We all tried not to embarrass Debbie by being uncouth or loud but truth be told, we did get a little rambuncious.  Of all the ladies teaing that day, I believe we had the most fun, yet refined experience.  I think the tea went to our heads.  
Debbie being the lovely and wonderful hostess.
Posing for a picture in the midst of our delicious scones. 
 Carolyn and Debbie stopping in mid tea for a photo op
Linda and Dena enjoying the beautiful harp music in the background.

 After our tea, Dena and I went back to her apartment for two things.  One, with the remodeling of the hotel the closest restroom was up one floor,  we opted out of that long journey because it probably was quicker to get to her apartment than the one floor up.  Two, the final piece of Dena's birthday present had come in, so she unwrapped her gifts.

This is a picture she has been thinking about getting for several years now.  It is a print of a famous picture in the Biltmore House, The Waltz.  The fine people and customer service at The Biltmore Estate were so kind and helpful in getting the print shipped. 

Another less refined side of Dena, meaning she has such good taste in choosing the Biltmore picture, is her goal of going to every Cracker Barrel.  Some people want to go to stadiums, I'd like to go to every Nordstrom, but I am so willing to help her with her goal of visiting every CB in these good United States.  So, I stopped at CB and got a map of all their locations.  Then I had it laminated.  Then I took it over to Katy Art and Frame where they mounted the map on foam core and framed the map in a lovely red frame.  Also, Dena got some color push pins to help her see her goal.  Believe me, I think we have stopped at almost every CB between here and Asheville, NC.  She has been to other ones with other friends, so she'll have to get their help to locate their CB stops. 

This morning the choir sang Midnight Cry.  What a blessing that song is!  In Life Bible Study we had a guest teacher from Jerusalem.  She has been to our class before and we love her and her women's ministry in Jerusalem.  After class we had a Sunday pot luck lunch together.  The whole morning was completed with shopping.  She has jewelry with her made by women in the ministry.  Everything is so beautiful.  In fact, I bought two rings.  So Roy will not have to buy me anything for our anniversary that is coming up next month.

So tonight, after a good nap, Roy tried out his hand at preparing pancakes.  Not just any pancakes but pancakes kind of based on the ones we loved at Papasita's.  They were delicious!  He made a trial run because it is his turn to make breakfast for the men's Bible study he attends out here at an Episcopal church this Saturday.  The only requirement, it has to be a hearty breakfast. 

Now, I need to quit blogging and go back to the homework that is due on Thursday for Community Bible Study Core Group Training.  Maybe on Thursday I should wear the t-shirt that Peggy brought me back from Aspen; 'I don't have a.d.d. I have....look a squirrel. 


Ria said...

We went at Crackel Barrel for the fist time the last night we spent at Houston !! I know a shame :( but I just loved it !!! I really need to come back to go there again !! ;)

marty h said...

I will treat Ria and you to Cracker Barrel when she comes back!!!