Sunday, August 12, 2012

And the Door Finally Came Down

Do you see our garage door?  This door works everyday except on Sunday mornings.  Last week we fooled the door and parked Sequisha on the driveway on Saturday night.  Fast forward to this morning.  Roy had gone early to work out before leaving for church.  I was ready faster than normal so I decided to back the car out.  Door goes up just fine.  I go into the garage to shut the will not go down.  By way of discovery in the last four times this has happened we learned that if we hold the button the whole time the door is going down and release it right before it gets to the ground, the door will shut.  I tried two time and didn't time it properly.  I had decided not to panic and I remember what John Bolin said Friday night in choir...having done all to stand...stand.  I was going to "stand" this behavior of the garage door.  Can garage doors be demon possessed?  Anyway I stood by the door and prayed.  I asked God to break the power that the devil has a hold of our door on Sunday mornings.  I was prepared to Jericho march but I didn't really want to mess up my hair.  Plus the no trumphet thing.  Behhold I stand at the door and pray. Know there are verses about the window of heaven opening, I need to find a verse about doors closing. I went back to the garage door button and pushed it in faith, asking God's direction of when to let my people go...I mean let the button go.  He answered my prayer and delivered my hair in pretty good condition and I didn't break a nervous sweat before leaving.  Roy came home just a few minutes after the door came tumbling an orderly way of course.  I had to tell him about God's answered prayer.  This afternoon after we got home from church and lunch, Roy went out there and sprayed the Blaster stuff the garage man told us to use.  One spraying is supposed to last 3-4 months.  Guess for us it is 3-4 days.  Door worked beautifully.  This is the strangest thing!

This morning I returned to the choir loft after a long absence.  It felt good to be back and singing with friends and worshipping God.  It was the best loft time physically for me in several years.  So thankful for that.  I did have a little lightheaded event in Life Bible Study but hey, I will take that over feeling that way in the choir loft any day. 

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