Thursday, August 16, 2012

Journals, Organization and The End of Summer

In the past few days I have sat down to write several times only to give up.  Maybe because I really don't have anything very interesting going on in life but that has never stopped me before.  I also know that Roy is taking off tomorrow and he will monopolize the computer, so if I want to get anything written, today is the day. 

So I decided to go through one of my desk drawers, sort through stuff and then came to the conclusion I need to actually divide all this stuff up and organize it better.  This project began this morning and as you can tell just by the fact I want to write a post that it has not been a particularly focused task.  Just now progress came to a stop as I looked through old postcards that I have collected through the years.  My grandparents gave me some of them, Roy has some from his parents and then there are those I have bought in antique stores.  And my journal collection is officially a sickness.  If they had specialized hoarding, mine would be journals, pens, and greeting cards, oh and note cards.  I think I could open up a Hallmark store in my home.  But, all the above are somewhat organized and not impeding entrance and exits or hallways.  Everything is neatly placed in containers that are stacked in closets.  Some people think shoes need to find a home with them, some people bring home books (not as bad as I used to be) and others like me love to have journals and office supplies. 

Yesterday afternoon I had to find stuff to keep me busy to get out of the housekeepers way.  I am fortunate to have the casita bedroom to retreat to, but haven't done that yet.  I save up junk that needs to be done for every other Wednesday.  One of my stops was Home Goods and the parking place I had so patiently waited for a couple of weeks ago was open.  Did a quick Target run but think I will be staying out of Target for the next few weeks with the back to school people overwhelming all the aisles and check outs.  I had a late lunch, early dinner at Black Walnut Cafe.  Love their grilled cheese and tomato soup.  I was able to sit back and relax with a good book.  I almost created a huge mess by spitting ice tea.  That prompt came from a very funny email I was reading. 

Peggy and I rode to choir together.  Lots of fun, laughs and conversations.  We opted for choir over the Women's Ministry dinner we were invited to attend on the same night.  It was a difficult decision to make but since this was the second rehearsal in the new choir year, it's always good to know the music for Sunday morning,.  Besides Peggy and I thought we might have been a bad influence on the younger generation there and it would be best to leave a good influence up to the wiser, seasoned and well behaved women of the church.  I heard the dinner was really good and the party didn't break up until 11:00 pm.  Wow, Peggy and I got home way before then and of course I had to watch T&T and Honey Boo Boo when I got home.  I think I am going to stop watching Honey Boo Boo.  That show is disgusting!  Real life, real people, real rude, real crude and really they don't care what anyone thinks. 

Buddy is really into bird watching these days.  Some of the doves have figured out that the window and screen protect them and they sit there taunting Buddy.  I can always tell when Buddy has landed on the window sill by the noise she makes bumping into the glass.  I think she has been awake the most ever since she has been bird watching.  It seems like she knows that if she stays in the front room she will not sleep but watch.  So she has been napping in the afternoons in the guest bedroom.  We have the blinds pulled in there.  Nice and dark and no birds to distract her. 

Think this week we will be finishing up the last of our Texas peaches and nectarines will be soon to follow.  Then we come into the boring fruit season of oranges and apples.  The little produce stand off Pin Oak has closed up until next spring. 

Yesterday the lawn service guy showed up.  He is the one who is treating our brown patches and weeds.  Our yard has some of the toughest weeds going but he said they will slowly but surely go away.  I have been thinking and planning the next raised flower bed for our yard.  The one in the corner of the back yard is doing so well.  Even the lawn guy commented on how beautiful it is.  So I think the next raised bed will be outside the windows of the front room and I'll plant roses.  That's where the bird bath will go and new bird feeders.  With all the anticipated activity Buddy will be sleeping through the night and there will be less sheep herding happening in the middle of the night. 

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marty h said...

You need to get double knockout roses - they bloom until frost and need no spraying - they are wonderful!