Wednesday, September 18, 2013

All in All

Last night Roy got out his camera, which I don't think he has used since Thanksgiving because he hadn't downloaded the pictures from the Biltmore.  I think he has been occupied with other things like his Trek and work.  So, he downloaded his pictures and I've been looking at them today.  I had forgotten how he would get up before sunrise, pull out the tripod and take pictures of the sunrise.  Oh my, those pictures of the sky and mountains are beautiful.  I really enjoyed them because I hadn't been up at the crack of dawn to see the sunrise in person.  Even though we were there past leaf turning time, many of the trees still had fall colors.  When we would make a comment about the color all the native North Carolinians laughed at us, but when you get like three days of fall at home, the colors are spectacular. 

The fall season or rather the fall season that everyone imagines around here is my favorite time of year.  Love those mornings and evenings when the first hint of a cool breeze breaths hope that the sweltering temperatures will be gone soon.  Soon it will be time to get the fire pit going to roast hot dogs and make s'mores .  New this year is the chair I bought specifically for sitting next to the fireplace to read. 

I am so excited that my friend Mary Madeline will be in town the last weekend of September and that she will spend a night with us.  It has been a couple of years since we have seen each other but we keep up with one another.  She is my fruffiest friend and I love that about her.  We are opposites but when the Lord knits hearts together, He knows what He is doing.  I appreciate the gift of her friendship. 

Dena is bringing pizza over for dinner.  Roy is thrilled because he doesn't have to pick anything up and I'm thrilled not to cook but getting to see a friend.  Texted with Peggy, emailed with Becky K and talked to Emily...all in all it has been a good day, friend-wise.  Dena also let me know that it is a banner night TV wise.  New Toddler and Tiara, Duck Dynasty, and Honey Boo Boo.  I don't watch HBB very much anymore.  It just a flip over during a commercial kind of thing. 

In October I go back for an adjustment on this recorder thing in me.  The incision is healing quite nicely.  I haven't set off any security alarms but I am probably a suspicious person because I've been sweating up a blue streak again.  I had to go back to taking the Ultram ER two times a day which means many times during the day I look as if I have been running or working out.  Maybe this is when I should put on my faux workout clothes.  I was in Academy yesterday and there was a lot of commotion because they were filming a commercial.  They had all these people with radios barking out commands and requests.  Several were on the trail of a group of shoplifters.  I kept waiting for them to bark out, sweating woman leaving the store, paid for her purchases or better yet, what this commercial needs is a persperous woman.  No call back for me.  Oh well....


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FitzandMolly said...

I'm getting irritated with summer. Ready for fall a.k.a. "temps in the 80s."