Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday...A Catch Up From the Week

This is our latest addition from the Amish Craftsman.  One Sunday after church Roy and I stopped in the store just for a looksee.  We were thinking of adding another bookcase in the study.  It's always fun to look at the interesting decorating pieces they carry, prints, clocks and candles.  As we looked around we came across this piece in the picture and we really liked it.  We've been looking for something for the hall entryway.  We picked our stain and wood and the store sent the order to the little ole Amish man that makes this type of furniture.  Talk about Made in America.  I was really surprised when they called to let us know our piece was in and Scott would be out this way on Thursday.  We weren't expecting this until October, so of course I said come on.  It was probably their easiest delivery of the day since they came in the front door and put it against the wall.  When I was at the Biltmore in May, I bought this Wendy Whitson print and brought it home and had it framed.  I've been holding onto where it would hang.  Yesterday, it found its home.  I think it looks really good over the sideboard.  I have already moved the candle lamp on the right back to its original place and have been playing with what should go on the top.  This piece really reminds me of my grandmother, my mom's mother.  She had a piece like this only it was much darker wood and one of the doors leaned precariously against the hinge or where the hinge should have been.  I've written before how this style of furniture reminds me so much of my grandmother although she never had arts and craftsman style furniture.  Her furniture was a collection of handed down chairs and couches with the assorted pieces she and my grandfather had bought.  But somehow I imagine that just maybe this would have been her style.

 Yesterday was our first day of Community Bible Study and I got to meet my group.  So excited to get to know these ladies and to learn and study Genesis.  It is rather embarrassing that a side effect of some of the medicine I'm taking is sweating.  Sorry, a tad persperous.  No full on sweat and just like clockwork, sweat appeared right in the middle of core group.  Then I had to fan and explain which made some think menopause but no side effect of some pain meds.  Ugh!  It is worse than hot flashes. 

One of the quotes from Tuesday leadership council was this; " operational excellence makes the ministry."  It is all the behind the scenes work that makes the flow of ministry happen.  After working six years at a church, I certainly appreciate this and know that it is true.  Our coordinator for the Katy class is truly gifted and does her tasks well and with great humility. 

I stayed up way too late last night because I couldn't put the book down I was reading, Moonrise by Cassandra King.  This book held my attention from the first page.  It was the book of choice for all things waiting rooms.  The tension was building and the truth would finally be known and the big reveal, while interesting, was a little disappointing.  It's kind of like how I felt the first time I watched the movie Suspicion.  Big buildup and huge disappointment at the ending.  Later found out that most people in the 40's would not have believed that Cary Grant could be that mean and they changed the ending.  I reread the ending again this morning thinking maybe I had missed something.  No.  I would not hesitate to recommend this book, because it is really good.  My disappointment probably stems from knowing the book has Rebecca type themes and personalities, so I thought the ending would be dramatic like the end of Rebecca.  Moonrise has great characters and the relational aspects between them are very well written. 

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Jennifer said...

Scott confirmed it was his easiest delivery all day. He got to deliver a butcher block table later in the day as well as a 81 inch hutch with full glass doors that would not fit through the 79 inch door. So, they got to flip it on it's side. Tell Roy thanks for always measuring things before you order them!