Monday, September 30, 2013

I'm Back

We're back!  We had a wonderful trip to North Carolina.  It was a great get away with wonderful surroundings and temperatures.  There were day trips to the surrounding area and a visit to downtown Asheville on a rainy day.  Something that we hadn't planned to do was drive back straight through home.  Seventeen hours on the road with minimal stops.  Since I do all the driving, when we got home I went inside, took my medicine and fell into bed.  Sunday morning  I began getting things ready for a visit from a long time friend.  One of my friends from CBS and her son dropped by to pick up some dog and cat food going to a good cause.  And then Charles and Paula brought Mary Madeline to our home.  It was great seeing them.  I just got home from taking Mary Madeline to the airport.  She and I had a fabulous visit.  Dena came over last night and my two friends finally got to meet.  Peggy was occupied with other things, so Mary Madeline will have to make a return trip. 

I have missed writing on my blog and hopefully I soon will have some time to sit down and tell some of the stories from the past week or so.  I'm having difficulty even now because Buddy hasn't left my side since her return home from camp.  The first hour she was home she meowed and yowled like she was hurt but I think she was letting us know how unhappy she has been at camp.  She stayed in step with me most of the afternoon and never left my side last night.  Right now she is on my lap but she has been trying to wrap herself around my neck like when she was a kitten. 

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