Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's Almost Friday

This morning I was up with the sunrise and even though I didn't really have the time to linger watching the sun's rays begin their journey through the house, I made the time.  So what if my make up was half way done this morning for Bible study.  The study is the first room that receives the rays and they make their way through my reading room, and then into the kitchen and family room.  The illusion of the rays and the direct way they hit the windows can make you think that every light is on.  I love seeing mornings come like this even though I am not much of a morning person.  I'm so thankful to see this beautiful sight a lot of mornings....then there are the other mornings where sunrise, diffused rays through the windows have happened and I am a late comer to the display but on those mornings I am thankful for the extra sleep. 

We had our first week of homework discussion this morning at Bible study.  We had a lively discussion that was fun and rather deep at times.  Almost everyone of us said we learned something new about the creation story.  I love how God reveals Himself anew in those passages that we feel like we have a grasp of. 

I just read an interesting article and with the news of the demise of the mini van, I am feeling more confident about the future in the Target parking lot. 

But it proved a passing fad. Minivan sales that once regularly commanded 8% of the market up until 2000 have been sliding for over a decade to their present low of 3.7% thus far in 2013. Forever associated with soccer moms, minivans have always been regarded as purchases of necessity, not aspiration. Since no vehicle shaped like a breadbox and designed to haul people could ever be stylish, their appeal was based on functionality -- and when cupholders and seven-passenger seating began appearing in crossover SUVs with greater sex appeal, their fate was sealed.

The above is from a CNN/Fortune article.  I know that the mini van isn't going to vanish as quickly as Twinkies did last year, but it gives me hope.  Now I will have to find another arch nemesis.  Nah, I'm certain that "it" will find me. 

Roy caught the second to the last bus of the Park and Ride this evening.  His Thursdays usually run late.  I made Taco Salad last night for dinner, so he will be happy because there are leftovers and it will take no time to get it fixed.  Peggy and I traded Consuela days, so I am putting things away in preparation of her early morning arrival.  So thankful to have a hair cut appointment and pedi on the books.  I'll probably stop at BWC for breakfast to get away from home earlier.  Roy said he would pick up the stuff from Kay's for Saturday's breakfast tomorrow afternoon.  Then we will get the last minute stuff tomorrow evening.  So glad to have married a plan man.

Tomorrow the steri strips come off my incision.  I think it is healing up nicely although it creeps me out to feel that recorder under my skin.  Yuck!  My official card came yesterday that identifies why I might set off security in stores and in airports.  No third world country travel for me anytime soon. 

Guess I will go to the rather large stack of to be read books and find something to occupy me tomorrow while getting highlights and a pedi. 

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Teresa Powell said...

Your blog is a highlight of my days....Love reading your story Happy Anniversary