Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Because I Can't Think of a Title

Buddy and I are waiting for Roy to get home.  Buddy is watching the birds and I am in Roy's study.  We had a very nice and quiet anniversary yesterday.  Roy knew he would be later getting home from the office and a friend from work asked him for a ride home from the Park and Ride.  Since we have a breakfast thing coming up, we decided that this would be the best evening to try out the bacon from Midway Market and try a cheese grits recipe.   The bacon was divine, need to find a better grits recipe.  Breakfast for dinner is one of my favorite all time meals, so what a treat.  Then Roy put together a laundry/ironing board kind of thing and don't laugh....a craft drawer thing on wheels.  Yes, when I am crafting, I like to move all about the house.  No, but I do use it for artful journaling so the craft drawer thingy is going out into the casita bedroom.  So this bacon...we rarely have bacon and even rarer, frying it up.  Oh my, the house this morning still had the fragrance of bacon lingering and I was a bit worried that I might smell like bacon at Bible study. 

After leadership council, which I think Genesis is going to be a fabulous study, I had to make the dreaded Hobby Lobby trip.  I think it is all over me that I am really uncomfortable being there.  So anything and everything that could possibly go wrong does and I'm not even talking about all the mini vans in the parking lot.  I did find what I was looking for and I picked the wrong check out line.  Price check on lane 8 for Dora the Explorer ribbon.  Then the lady didn't have her receipt for some high density glue that she bought accidently instead of low density glue.  Who knew?  I believe I only know about Elmer's and paste.  While waiting ever so patiently, reinforcing what I learned this morning about being created in the image of God and being Christ like, I casually looked at the worship CDs and on time...I began to sweat profusely from some medicine I'm taking.  I have it timed now that this will happen about every three hours.  Probably on the hidden camera to catch shoplifters, this doesn't look good.  Really?  Who would shoplift praise and worship CDs?  I was glad when they said unto me, let's get out of the house of the Hobby Lobby. 

Several weeks ago when straightening up our closet, I found a devo that I have used in the past and love it.  SOLO, a devo using The Message.  Instead of going through one a day, I go through them at a week or longer time.  The one I have been reading since last week on Galatians 5 is blowing me away. 

Well, Roy just walked in the door, so guess we better go heat up our lovely dinner from the fine folks at Sprouts. 

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