Monday, November 7, 2016

Countdown Over Several Days

An easy Saturday morning. I woke up around 7:00. Roy was already up and moving because he has November Ethics downtown at the courthouse to get the required ethic hours for his law license. He made me coffee and went to his favorite donut place and brought me home some iced donuts. So I don't really need to be eating those but dang, they were so good.

I stayed around the house yesterday working on unpacking the too many clothes I brought and getting laundry done. Somewhere along the way I lost my black jean jacket which is an integral part of my wardrobe planning. So I got online and ordered one from Macy's. There were a few other things that seemed to jump in my cart as well. That's the bad thing about being back in Texas, I clothes shop a lot more. So, around the house it was a productive day. Now to go through the books and junk to entertain me and get it organized.

When Roy returns we are going out to look at recliners that don't look like recliners and able to purchase it and not wait 6 weeks. So that means we are going to Gallery Furniture on 99. I have heard how entertaining it is to go there. When I online chatted with a salesman I asked if anything else was available than what they showed online, which is big, manish recliners, that look like recliners. In my research I read that once you get over the initial few weeks of recovery, sleeping in a recliner works really well for those nights when sleep doesn't come quickly. Jamal, online guy, said go to the store because there are more to choose from and he was right. But I am getting ahead of myself because it is now Monday morning and I am sitting in said recliner, drinking coffee out of my Celebration mug.

So, we ate fajitas at El Rancho before going to Gallery Furniture. Delicious as always. When we got to GF we were met at the door by Patrick. Once again I remembered how God arranged in the book of Jonah and he was a good fit as a salesman for us. Gave us just the right amount of information and gave us space as we looked around and finally decided on a recliner. They had several come in from a showroom in High Point NC, but we chose a tried and true recliner, that doesn't look like a recliner, with great lumbar support, compact and the only surprise in our purchase? We bought a leather recliner, not something we had even considered. True to GF form, they delivered the chair that night and even moved a heavy slate coffee table for us. Roy and I put sliders on one of the couches and moved it to the front room which used to be my reading room.

Yesterday, I went to First Baptist for church and Life Bible Study,just another term for Sunday School. Choir was outstanding! Loved being back in Dayspring class even though I missed my class back at home. Sat at a back table, I'm consistent, with Sandy, Peggy, and Jeanne and heard a great lesson from Carole Lewis. Added bonus, knowing the difference between a dish towel and a guest towel along with a historical explanation of their use. Great example to show us what sanctification means....which is set apart. Got to see Lisa P and Malcolm too.

Dena came over after church. Then she and I went to Carabba's for lunch. Such great food with a great friend. Since we were in the same area, we stopped in at Whole Foods for few things. OK, for me it was the sliced and peeled oranges.

Today I have my last appointment for final clearance to approach the landing...ha! No last clearance for surgery next week. Wow, it has gone from saying three months, two months, two weeks, and soon it will go to saying, tomorrow. I am encouraged and ready to roll. I begin decreasing meds and the like today.

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